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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
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NSB area: Hello to whom it may concern: I am a paranormal investigator for the NSB area. If you would like I do free investigations. I do this to help people out. I live in nsb I live at the Newport sounds apts.
And you may call me at 386-314-7208 if you would like to have a hunt done at your home or place of location.
Submitted by John

Oldsmar: Hello, I am looking to compile any ghost stories new or old about Oldsmar. If anyone has anything of interest and wishes to be contacted please respond in this site.
Submitted by Violet

Orlando: Floridaparanormal. Net: are strange and unusual experiences occurring at your home or workplace that are making you feel like you're going crazy? We at Florida paranormal (www. Floridaparanormal. Net) are there to help you with any incidents you may be receiving at your home or workplace that you deem as paranormal. This includes possible ghost or spirit hauntings as well as demonic activity or simply things that you cannot find a rational explanation of what is occurring. We are experienced and trained researchers and do not charge a fee for our services. In prior investigations we have performed, our professionalism, integrity, and maturity has been exhibited to perfection. In any investigation we perform, we approach it objectively and do not automatically assume the location is haunted. We try all possible logical options before making our conclusions on the activity that may be occurring.
We also have a full arsenal of equipment to search for evidence of paranormal activity (several high quality infrared cameras, camcorders equipped with infrared, emf detectors, digital voice recorders, digital thermometers, etc).If we find evidence and can confirm activity is indeed occurring, upon your request we can perform a cleansing of the location to rid your location of paranormal activity. If necessary, we can make arrangements for multiple cleansings and visitations to your location to rid your home of paranormal activity. To contact us, you may reach our Orlando/central Florida case researcher (jack Dooly at 407-973-2581) or via our Florida paranormal email address at contactus@Floridaparanormal. Net . We will promptly reply to you and make arrangements to address your case. Thank you, the Florida paranormal research team .

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