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  I was walking and looking at the Liberty family grave site from 1800s. I was standing directly under a big green tree. I heard a crack above me and asked my aunt if she heard that. She said no and we took three steps away. Soon the branch fell to the ground. The tree was perfectly healthy and there are no dead branches nor leaves. There was no wind to blow it down.
We also have a voice recording but we aren't completely sure its a ghost. It sounds
    like ''mhm'' at different pitches. You may not be able to hear it the first time. It is about 5 seconds before I start to talk.
Submitted by Rachel
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That is scary. I cannot make out what they are saying, but that is scary.
Submitted by Jaselle

I listened to your audio about 10 times, and I hear a voice 3 syllables in a young boy's voice. Could not make out what he was saying but something like ''feel my arm'' or ''on my arm.'' Maybe a first and last name, but of course I would not recognize anyone's name, and so I'm just hearing words that make sense to me. But um I've heard that spirits don't hang out in cemeteries. There's no attachment to that place, and so it's something darker posing as a child or spirit to do whatever it is dark entities do. I've also heard it's a spirit that is associated with you like a family or friend and has nothing to do with the cemetery. Just wanting to say hi since you're there and looking to communicate. And hey that happened in the day. Wonder what it's like at night.. Woohoo... Ooh.. Ooh! That's a cartoon ghost sound btw.
Submitted by Justagirl
       Categories: spirits, family, children, cemetery

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