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Here is a collage of pictures I have taken over the years, and these things have appeared in pictures and videos most of my life. I had to put a DVD with pictures in a blu ray player in order to see them on my TV. The picture of the ''face'' next to my son was about 15 years ago while we were camping, as well as many of the other orb pictures. I believe this is my friend who passed away in 2002, showing me that she is still with us. I can see it is clearly her by the facial features, outline and what appears to be hair. Bangor, Maine. - Ghost picture submitted by Jen


A friend of mine was on an old short dirt road hidden behind the cemetery at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Bangor, Maine. It's a very short dirt road which is no longer accessible by vehicles but you can get to it by foot.
He said that it was getting dark and he was about to leave when he heard disembodied voices coming from the a wooded hill behind him. The wooded his is steep but includes some very old graves and at the top of the hill a mausoleum.
He was headed out that way anyway and decided to have a look. And if there were people there he'd see them leaving even if they got a head start, but when he got up the hill he saw no one there. Then he could hear the voices again talking behind him from the place he just came.

It sounded like a man and a woman but they weren't having a normal conversation it sounded sort of scary. There is a river down the bank further with a park beyond that but he saw nobody there either.
Also in that same area where the Kenduskeag stream some other people reported seeing large stones stood up on their own in the middle of the stream (on their pointed ends). Even the local newspaper reported on it.
The cemetery is split in two halves by the highway (i-95) but was originally 1 whole cemetery up until about the late 1950's when a lot of the graves where moved so the highway could run through it.

It's got a huge highway bridge that goes over the stream / river. 1/2 the year the stream is raging like a river and in the other half it trickles like a stream. Rumor has it that a major storm made the Hillside collapse once and some coffins and stones fell into the stream.
There are paths that run under the highway bridge. And the hill/cliff is in three sections (the path near the stream, the old abandoned dirt road, the cemetery above). The modern look of the highway actually makes the place seem spookier for some reason (though not aesthetically pleasing).
Because of the moving of the graves and the story about the collapse of part of the Hillside may be the reason for the stream being potentially haunted. I've heard and saw strange things myself in that area and my roommate just reported seeing what looked like a large misshapen dear that he saw in the dark, get up on it's hind legs and walk up the hill like a person would.

Ps in some parts of the woods there are very old graves so you should be careful where you step. I've uploaded a strange rock I found in 2009 on a river bank from which the Kenduskeag stream empties out into. - Ghost picture submitted by David

Comment by Selena:
As a local I know for a fact that there are many homeless people that make their home on the backside of that hill; not to mention the occasional drug trade off.
That local area is a hot spot for addicts, the homeless, and people that aren't of the greatest of character. If you want a real haunting go out to the rural areas in Ellsworth, Bucksport, or Dedham area...
Many of the spirits were sailors, the family of sailors, or loggers.

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