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Well... I'm a Wicca, and I have ghost hunting skills. My two really good friends have had experiences with paranormal activity. I have as well. But this really surprised me.
I was dog sitting my sister on August 8, 2013 while she was in the hospital in labor. I was sitting in my room with her dog, when he just all of a sudden started barking, and scratching my closed door. I thought he was just being weird, and hyper because, he's only a pup. A few minutes later the barking, and scratching stopped and he laid down in front of my door. Eventually he fell asleep. I logged onto my laptop, and was chatting with people on Facebook, when I noticed movement over the screen of my PC. I looked up and nothing was there. But it looked like someone was crouched in the corner, looking at me... Not thinking anything of it, I proceeded back to Facebook. I see these things all the time, so it didn't really bother me.

A few minutes later, 5 minutes I would have to say at the most, the dog jumped up, and walked over to me. Again, I thought nothing of it due to the fact that he does this all the time. What I noticed was he didn't push his way into my lap as he usually does, he stopped short of me by a few inches, and stared right at me. He didn't even blink. He just stared. I've only seen him do this one other time, so I wanted to be able to show my sister after she got out of the hospital. I grabbed my iPod, and turned on the camera. I pointed the camera towards him, and saw a whitish, gold orb to the right.

Thinking that there was just something wrong with the lens due to me dropping my iPod often, I snapped the picture anyways. After the first one came out blurry, I took another. I put my iPod away, and started watching the dog again, for any signs of weird activity. When nothing occurred, I started thinking more about what took place with my iPod camera. I decided to check it out, thinking it could have possibly been my room lighting. I pointed my camera to the area where my dog was standing. I then saw the orb again. I slowly moved my iPod to the right. Looking away from the camera to look at my dog, I didn't see what appeared on the screen.

With out thinking I locked my iPod back up, and had to unlock it again. What I saw scared me. It looked like a blur, but the more you looked at it the more you could pick out a head, and a body shape. I snapped a couple quick pictures, then immediately locked my iPod back up. I sent the picture to my friends who had the ghost encounters, and we talked about it. The more I thought about it, the more tense, and worried I became. Not too worried for my sake but, for the newborn soon to come into the house. Not sure whether it was a good, or bad presence, or even a presence at all, I did research on the town history, and my house history. When nothing that could help me turned up, I found this website, and Lincoln listed as a ghost sighting town. I read the sighting stories, and decided to post mine, hoping someone could possibly have more information on the house, or what I saw. - Ghost picture submitted by Cheyenne

Comment by Timothy:
Doesn't look good at all. I saw it and he doesn't look friendly.

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I lived in Maine my whole life and about 5 years ago I decided to start ghost hunting because of something weird I couldn't explain that happened to me at a young age growing up in between Lincoln and Lee on my parents property.
I was about 12 and one night I woke up with this overwhelming feeling like someone was watching me. I looked and saw both of my brothers were sleeping and when I looked towards the other side of the room.
A man all dressed in a black suit and top hat was looking out the window into the yard. I pulled the blankets over my had scared half to death. Then when I peered out form the blanket he was gone. It's always bugged me because I could never really explain it, which is one of the biggest reasons I got into ghost hunting, the other reason was just for the rush, and hoping I would get the chance to see something again.

I go mostly ghost hunting in cemeteries around the area, and have only investigated to houses before.. One in Lincoln, and one in the Lee area. The one in Lee didn't seem to have much of anything going on.
But the one in Lincoln sure had a lot going on. We ended up getting EVPs of what sounds to be a intelligent haunt, cause the ghost was able to see us and answer some ? 's we asked, plus we got something weird on video..
Can't say it was a ghost but it looked like a black shadow that almost looked like a ball go right across the wall. But my best evidence has come from cemetery's in the area.. I won't say which ones cause I don't want people going there and ruining stones like I have seen at the places I have gone.

But I got almost 10 ghost pics that are pretty self explanatory. One thing I don't like is orb photos. Cause all an orb is is a ball of energy. After all scientist have been able to make them in a lab, and a ghost pretty impossible to be made by man at all.
But here's some of the pictures, hope you all enjoy them, cold mountain paranormal. And if you would like to contact me my email is - Ghost picture submitted by Jon

Comment by Ragnar:
Was this from the cemetery in north Lincoln?.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by Jon


Look at the orbs in my barn after 6 horses burned in a few years earlier. - Ghost picture submitted by Nicole

Comment by Jenn:
You know there's a face in the upper right hand corner, right?.

Comment by Evan:
There is speculation about orbs. Unless they are caught on video then they may as well be called dust because if your in a barn there is going to be a lot of dust. I have caught orbs on camera before.
But I'm thinking that those are dust based on how well they came out. If they were to be orbs they would be more of a solid orb rather then what you have there.

Comment by D:
You can't see through dust. Dust is solid matter.

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