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For two well documented and riveting true stories of the supernatural that I experienced, go to YouTube. Then under daddyspyce and then the video death is sin - EVP and more - enhancement. Interview with ''Crypto Crew'' Thomas Marcum. One experience was a demonic attack, an EVP, and more in an old and forgotten cemetery in the woods of Athol, Ma with photos. The other is my NDE experience that is well documented with my actual medical records and a doctor witness. What I saw and heard is far beyond words. Incredible beyond belief and awe inspiring. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at daddyspyce @aol. Com. Thanking you for your time and hope that you will enjoy the material. Sincerely. - Ghost picture submitted by Bob Laflamme

Comment by D:
I don't see ghosts. It looks like the crypt from the Barre Cemetery Cold Brook Rd where the mother and children are buried. She killed her children and people leave toys there for them. They still do, sad story.
That's one I've been to at night with friends; it's scary. It has the same crypt. N Stone wall looks like it. Off 122 in Barre. But I can't see any ghost. Can you tell me. Thanks and if you get the chance look up the old cemetery in Barre.

Comment by Bob:
Totally true. I'm Bob LaFlamme in Athol, Ma. and took these pictures and videos of our contact from Hell with people wailing and suffering in agony. One woman screams, ''why me?'' Then, another woman screams in horror, ''where is our hope?'' I said in the tomb to any spirits, ''What is it like being dead?'' Then I left my voice activated recorder overnight. What a shock! They don't consider themselves to be dead unless you go to Hell. We didn't get the response we thought we would. We expected something like the spirit speaking ''we the dead can see you, but you canít see us or something like that. The male spirit voice kept repeating, ''Death Is Sin!'' over and over. So that is what they consider the real death. It's the 2nd death that Jesus told about. But to them, they consider themselves alive and not dead, but they claim that ''Death Is Sin.'' That is the only death they talked about. Jesus says the same thing in the New Testament Of the Bible. I didn't know that then, but I looked it up. The demons attached themselves to my girlfriend and me. We were attacked viscously with bites and scratches on our bodies! It took us 3 days with Holy Water, a Crucifix, and the Bible casting them out and away from us forever. Jesus sent his mighty Angles to cast them away back into Hell! # days of prayer to cast them out and, to detach the demons from us. Thank you Jesus for casting the unclean evil things back to Hell and away from us! That was 9 years ago. The demons never came back as Christ demanded them away from us and back to Hell and NOT return. He did the same I coded and died while on the table. My doctor that saved me and in my medical records I have indicate that I was dead long enough to turn totally blue, he ''Called it''. There were packing up and taking things off me when all of a sudden the doctor noticed my body was creating urine again! So they went back to work on me and saved me. After I was in a coma for 3 weeks I had died from acute alcohol withdrawal, double pneumonia, and acute or chronic pancreatitis. While I was dead I felt so loved and in so much peace. It was blacker than black, but there was this beautiful bright light shining on me. I felt so loved and safe, and so filled with joy in my heart. Then Jesus approached me from behind, left, and stood beside me. He put his arm around me. He then cast all demons of alcohol back to Hell and, NEVR to return to me! Jesus said I had to go back but I will see him again someday. Beautiful smile. Very loving brown eyes. A beautiful loving smile. I could really ''feel'' his love radiating from him. He sent me back. I was told by two doctors and a nurse, just before coming out of the coma they said I was speaking a dead language fluently and hasn't been spoken for over 500 years! I don't remember any of that at all. I've got the medical records to prove it too. Enjoy and remember what that male soul said ''Death Is Sin.'' It was important to him to warn me. Maybe an angle? .

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