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I lived at the Protestant Youth Center in the early 90s from the ages of about 12-14 and remember it as being haunted as well. I had a few bedrooms there but the one I had the longest in the main building (hospital part) was the only room they had that was kind of separate from the other rooms and right at the top of the stairwell.
I remember my roommate and I would hear things all of the time. She used to wake me up at night cause she was so scared. I remember how much I hated to walk through the tunnels under the building to go to class in the winter.
I used to see things when going through there even if in groups. - Ghost picture submitted by Michelle

Comment by Patrice:
I was there in 79_80 and never heard this, if anyone was there when I was I am on fb or contact me @patrice08@yahoo. Com please.

Comment by anonymous:
I lived there and I broke into the attic, what I thought was an attic . Some other girls helped me get through a small window on top of a door. Once through I saw small crutches and wheelchairs. I got so sad, just sadness for the kids that sat in the wheelchair and there was a presence, a massive one, a crowd, and my thoughts that they were silenced and sad.
I felt hopeless for them and myself. I was just a kid and sent there for being a kid that no one cared about. My family was so messed up. I knew how they felt and I was not afraid. I just wanted to get out of there because of the feelings, it was hard.
I was the youngest there and I would pretend to be tough follow the pack but kindness did come to us there. The director did everything he could with what he had. The matrons always cared for us. It was fine to know the matrons were there at night.

It was better than home.. So I think the spirits or ghosts, whatever you want to call them? Did not bother us too much, they identified some how. To be put in a place where we were not going to be cheerleaders we had a small school house.
But we went everyday and that was good. The teachers there encouraged us to deal and make the best out of our situation. I remember Sharon crying because she turned 18 and had nowhere to go.
I saw her in the combat zone in a hallway, we both cried and I didn't take her number, nor she mine. We did the best we could and said good luck . I wasn't about to give her a lecture on the dangers of that place.

Mitzy, my good friend at the center hahahah we took a milk bath together, we heard it was good for the skin. Mitzy was black and me white . The funniest thing I ever saw was the matrons face when she walked in on us.
We took gallons of milk from the kitchen to do that. Mitzy got HIV and was sick the last time I saw her. My family did not like me hanging with black people. I didn't understand them, after all like those spirits Mitzy and I knew we would not be cheerleaders.
Mary- alias Sugar..... Nickname from my family that help put me there. Guess I wasn't sweet as sugar all the time.

Comment by Karin:
Michelle I also had that room and would hear noises and feel a cool breeze out of nowhere. I was also there in the early 90s. Are you Michelle M?.

Comment by Monica:
Yes this place was creepy as a kid. I was there in the early 90s as well for 2 years. I remember Mrs. Jerry, she would jog everywhere for her to be up in age. Also remember that first room going to gold side and there was blue side.
Never forget this place, yes it was scary at night. Some girls would run away.. Then come right back because it was too many trees, animals, etc. Thank God he brought me through this. And today I'm blessed to be a great faithful mother to my daughters.
Please if anyone remembers me this is my email... monicacraig10 @yahoo. com.

Comment by Jessica:
Anyone there around mid to late eighties? I was on blue side.. Mrs. A.. Paula.. Kirky.. Mrs g. Miss that place but scary. I saw operating tables and stuff on third floor. I was also on the new side, and I remember also an area of third floor used for Halloween parties and movies also. Mary Jane was the cook in that crazy basement kitchen in the tunnel :).

Comment by anonymous:
When I was there.... Barbara M, Susie L, Doreen F, Mary L, Sharon C, DeDe G, Belinda T, Sue C, Doreen T, Nancy L, Sue O, Patty F, Cindy R, Terry C, Sue N,
Jean B, June P, Mary F
Can anyone remember any more

Comment by Evangelinepiekara:
I was there 1992 I think. PCT is haunted. I used to hear babies crying on third floor and hear furniture move. I liked Mary the cook. I remember Karen Mueller, Jerry, and Kay.

Comment by Mary:
Michelle, got anymore pictures of this magnificent building??.

Comment by Monica:
Hiii Hope was awesome. I remember y'all. I was the youngest one there; a little bad girl lol. Here's my email dniracraig13 @gmail. com . I miss everybody. We had good an bad days there. God bless, hope to hear from you soon.. Xoxo.

Comment by Lisa:
Hi, my name is Lisa. I was there in the seventies. That used to be a children's hospital, and the building next door was a nursing home. Yes, it is haunted. I remember the tunnel, but you know what it was, the best place I ever lived. It was my only home, and when I had to leave at 8:18 I knew I had nowhere to go and no one to care for me. The pyc was the greatest, haunted or not. You see all kinds of weird things, but we didn't pay attention to. I don't know what pyc is, or if it is the same as it was when I was there, but I know they care about you. It was the best place you can be. If anybody wants to get in touch with me, you can call me at 857-234 5576. Love to hear from anybody that was there in the 70s or even now. I have stage 4 cancer, and I'm completely alone and have no help. I would love to talk to anybody that's there or that's been there. .

Comment by Doreen:
I was at the PYC from 70/71 to 73/74. Me and some of the girls used to love roaming around! We used to hop on the drums waiter and ride it. I remember the old wheelchairs and stuff. I actually had some of my best times there. I hated when I had to leave. I still miss that place. It's sad they tore it down. If I was able to drive, I would love to go back there for old times sake. Maybe I'll take a bus trip some day!! .

Comment by Patrice:
I can't believe these stories. Never saw or felt anything unusual there. I put on a talent show when I was there. We had so much fun there.

Comment by Theresa:
There were no ghost. I never heard of any and never seen anything. I remember going down the stairs and walking in a tunnel to go to school. I still remember the teachers' names: Bob, Tim, and Rene.

Comment by Theresa:
I went there was either May or June of 1978 to 1980, so if any of the girls from those years that I was there reads this, here is my email

Comment by Penni:
I too was there in the early 90s. All I really remember is the tunnels were creepy as hell. I lived out in the cottages but the main building would creep me out.

Comment by Theresa:
I was there 1978 to 1980. I am rewriting my new email. I would like to hear from the girls that were there when I was there theress1963 @gmail . Com. I would love to hear from all of you.

Comment by Susan:
I was at PYC 69-71. I remember the tunnels especially using them to raid the food storage in the kitchen - sneaking out the fire escapes and roaming all over the little schoolhouse. I didn't know it then, but this place had the most positive impact possible on my childhood. I was one of the lucky ones. Mr Cheney, Miss LaPlant, Mr Whitney, Mrs A, and Mrs Flanders Kirkie. Saturday night movies, bowling, canoe trips, horseback riding. So many things. I'm 65 now and have had a good life. Mother of 4 grandmother of 5. I moved to Phoenix in 1978. I will always be grateful. .

Comment by Bonnie:
I lived at PYC 1969-71 and went to outside high school, so it was great to get away and feel a bit normal, but then an outsider at school with the Baldwinville kids. It was ok because I was from the city, and they were from a small town, so it evened out. I think that was the worst part because my friends were the girls I lived with. I tried out for a school play sang awesome but was a background singer because I was one of “those girls” from PYC. Cheney was ok, but he was timid. Liked Whitney and the canoe trips and horses they brought in for us during the summer. Miss A was the best housemother. Not friends anymore with anyone I got close to. Miss ya Donna. She always had my back. We had a click that kinda made the rules, but mostly all 33 girls got along except for Joselyn. Everyone who lived there then knows what I’m talking about. Hey it was great getting this off my past. Kinda cool to write about it. Thank you all for sharing. Actually loved the big kitchen we made Saturday & Sunday dinners. Never saw a ghost, and I went every where in that castle and loved it. I loved exploring even into the nursing home attached. I was really kind of a rebel but turned out to be a college grad and married with 3 kids. I'm still married and into retirement. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten more out of the state than I did. Oh well drop the mic.

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