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What you are looking at is a picture me and a few ghost hunting buddies took. This is what happened, we were looking through the auditorium at the shut down Belchertown State School, this school was used to house and teach mentally challenged students.
Anyways, we were in the auditorium. I was using a maglight flashlight. We came into one room and my flashlight shut off then turned on again, we all paused and I asked ''if any one is with us turn my flashlight off again'', it turned off again; then went back on.
This same ask return happened about 3 times, then it stopped. We walked through a door into the next room which was an open space with a cage and balcony situation overlooking a basketball court. This was the second floor on this building.

It was really cold in there this was about 20 seconds after our flashlight endeavor. We took a picture and instantly saw this in our cameras playback screen, we took several more picture and this image was not in it.
None of us where smoking as the building has asbestos and we were wearing doctors masks, in the photo we caught as you can clearly see there is a figure about teen age kids height looking away from us through the cage with his hands at his sides and his left shoulder prominently towards us more than his right.
Take a look. Let me know how you feel about this crazy thing. I swear on this story and picture credibility on my life. - Ghost picture submitted by Anomia

Comment by Jefe:
Looks like a boy walking with his head down..

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