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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
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Comment by Lynne: I am seriously wondering if the woods of Douglas and or land that goes for many miles especially near rivers is not only haunted but without a doubt cursed. There is absolutely something very dark that owns this land. It's not at all human or even a human spirit. Souls do not rest on this land. I'd definitely please like some kind of help. Ghosts in most of my pictures see and hear them outside and in the house. We have had lights on and off, pictures falling off walls, doors slamming, batteries never ever last, and anything electrical barely works. The negative feeling is beyond intense. The dark shadows are across floor and ground. Hair got pulled, and feet were grabbed at night Blankets were pulled on. My small child literally goes into shock with fear. She won't speak or even blink. I can see instant tears fall from her eyes, and she is absolutely 100% frozen with fear. Many of us see the dark entity. Not human, but reptile like. There're also smell of death. What do I do?.

Easthampton: Seeking the dead paranormal is based out of Easthampton Mass. We cover most of mass CT and some of VT . We can be reached at stdparanormal@yahoo. Com or on our myspace http://www. Myspace. Com/stdparanormal .
    We conduct all investigations confidentially and thoroughly document paranormal activity. Stdparanormal attempts to debunk anything that might have a logical explanation.
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Gardner: Me and my friends are a young group of ghost hunters who are looking for a case in Gardner. Nothing to intense we arnt that experienced this is our first time being on a scene but we have ben training.
We are willing to camp. If anyone know an area that is haunted pls e-mail me at

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