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Hi, I live in East Bridgewater as well. I'm a paranormal psychic and have been since I was at the age of 6. I not only have had multiple experiences. I was down in New Bedford at my boyfriend's house and a few weeks ago he had his niece and their friend sitting at the kitchen table...(he lived on the 3rd floor).
We got on a subject about ghosts from talking about movies... Well I don't usually come out and tell people the gift I was blessed with... And I decided to.. I felt the need that I had to because this spirit was bothering me...
Well once I told the ladies this gift I have they looked at me like I was crazy! Which didn't bother me because I'm used to that, I told them that there is an older male adult like figure here in there home...

Well weeks passed on and just this past weekend 2. 4. 2013 it was about a little after 10... I was in the bedroom getting ready for bed and they had the neighbors on the 2nd floor over hanging out. There was about 7 adults and 4 kids..
Kids were in bed. Well the neighbor was sitting at the kitchen table... Her brother was across from her and had one of the kid's Nintendo DS' in his hand that had a camera on it... Being an annoying brother that he is he took a picture of her...
I took a picture of my it with my cell phone from off of the Nintendo DS... I heard a scream and he showed her the picture cause it totally freaked him out and she screamed cause it scared her... I ran out of there due to overhearing the conversation they where having and I took one glance at this picture and immediately got goosebumps!! I didn't even have to really look at it! I looked at the girls and said I told you I don't mess around with this sh&&..

I will share the picture with everyone!! I know everything and anything about the spiritual world.. Good bad evil etc.. Anything anyone wants to know please don't hesitate to ask!!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Lauren

Comment by Artemis:
I'm not seeing anything. Product of an over active imagination.

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