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I live in Oakham, and my family built the house, but this place is haunted. Everyone thinks I'm pulling their leg when I tell them about something. People tell me I may have sleep paralysis, but things can happen when I'm awake, and I move around when it happens. I used to sleep in a room that was connected to a storage room. When I was younger this big shadow man would come out of the storage room. I called him ''the mean man in the suit''.

Now that I'm a teen I'm sleeping in a different room by myself. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding, and I'm already under the blankets. One night I just lay under there sweating for an hour before falling asleep again. The other day I took a picture of what looked like a human figure in the woods.

I read a story about a cabin in Oakham. There is a cabin behind my house in the woods. One Saturday there was pounding in the ceiling in my kitchen, and I thought it was someone upstairs, but my mom said it wasn't her, and nobody else was downstairs. On Easter night I was awake around 11 or 12, and my parents had gone downstairs, and everyone upstairs was in bed. My door opened, and I thought it was my mom grabbing something. I kept my eyes shut, and there were footsteps. Each around 30 seconds apart. I thought it was my brother, so I looked up and saw that he was in his bed. I never opened my eyes again that night.

I have talked to a ghost once in my house through candle flickers. It sounds unreliable, but I would ask yes or no questions and say ''flicker if yes,'' and it would or wouldn't flicker. I had my head down usually drawing, and no one else was around to make wind. Oakham is honestly a small but eerie place to live. - Ghost picture submitted by Fernheart

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