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I used to own the house on Quobaug Avenue. Shortly after moving in I heard things falling down upstairs. I heard faint screams. Then I started hearing footsteps upstairs as well as coming down the stairs when nobody was home. I heard knocking from the opposite side of the cellar door in the middle of the night (nope not opening it.) I heard the doorbell ringing in the middle of the night. Of course nobody was there. Minister Psychic and TAPS toured house and verified there was a presence there.

Neighbors told me that nobody has been able to live there more than 1- 1/2 years. A young girl was institutionalized because of the goings on there. I decided to move the night that I was awoken by someone banging on my head. Nope nobody there. The family that bought the house came and left in less than a year. I don't know the reason, but the house is still owned by them, and it has been abandoned for thirteen years. Check out the attachment. It is an actual infrared picture of ghost investigators. You explain it!. - Ghost picture submitted by Tom

Comment by Joe:
Tom, you had no problem selling that house to the next buyer and then posting things after you got paid.

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I lived in Oxford, Massachusetts on Oxford Court at the top of a dead end street facing opposite the Mass Turnpike. My only neighbor was the Desautels who lived across the street. The house I lived in was formerly owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Potvin and it was a farm. After her husband died, she sold the house to us, much against my will my ex husband bought it. From the day I walked into the house I sensed an evil presence and I was terrified, but it did not seem to bother him. I guess evil is comfortable with evil. Too many things began to happen shortly after we moved in. Things began to disappear, my ex was getting more erratic and violent in his behavior and then evil began to show it's ugly face. One night after we had just finished building separate clothes closets for the children (my four sons) I had tucked them all in bed and said their prayers with them. And went downstairs. Two hours later I heard screaming and banging .I started up the stairs and got only half way there when I saw this creature who was a demon from hell and if you have any idea of the devil pictures that have been made this one was very close to that. I was terrified. My daughter was at the bottom of the stairs and I heard the e lord tell me to back down the stairs and say the lord's prayer. I did this and kept repeating it all the time worried to death about the children, because the one thing I heard this demon say was that my children were his. This angered me and I stormed up the stairs not caring about him and went into my boys room and found all their beds empty. I panicked. I found them locked in their own closets. There was no way they could have locked these closets from the inside. By the time I got all the doors opened they were white with terror and full of sweat. My daughter and I sat with them and read the bible until they finally fell into a peaceful sleep. That was not the end of it. I had to go int the basement to check the furnace and water heater because they suddenly stopped working. I got half way down the stairs and saw a spirit that defied description other than it was a very evil man and he was coming after me. I ran up the stairs and slammed the door shut and never went down there again. My ex did and every time he did, the more evil he became. In the summer of the following year in the corral where I kept the horses, I saw an Native American and his wife who was sitting on the ground cradling her baby. She saved my life more than once. She warned me that my ex would try to strangle me with the lamp cord and to be on the alert. The very next night he did try to strangle me with the lamp cord.. She sat on the floor in the corner of my bedroom next to the door and the storage space of my bedroom and somehow gave me the strength to fight him off. Not too long after that, because of the Indian chief's warning, I told my ex not to dig under the barn because there were the graves of an English man and others who had killed their people. He did not listen and things went a horrifying level. His blue eyes turned black as coal and there were not whites of his eyes and he tried to kill me again. I could take no more and fled. He stayed until the house went into foreclosure and he was tossed out. But that house became his undoing and he committed suicide 8 years later. I do not have pictures of the spirits and the land where the3 house and barn sat changed and was split. The house, however is still there and I have uploaded a picture of it. I never believed in hosts or how evil could rear it's ugly head until then. . - Ghost picture submitted by Rev

Comment by Stickney75:
We used to play in this house when we were kids. It was abandoned for several years. What year was the house and barn built and was Mr. And Mrs. Potvin the original owners of this property?.

Comment by Sandra:
I'm not sure if this is the same house. But I do remember a house up that way. We called it Lukes Hill. It was a farm back in the day. When we were teenagers we would party up by the gate to Lukes Hill.
The story was the boy who lived there axed his parents to death. We could hear the dogs late at night still bark to this day.

Comment by Archie:
There is no Oxford Court on google map, is there another name and do you still live in this house. I'm a ghost hunter. Email me for more info vallisca666 @gmail. com.

Comment by Stickney75:
The house is on pleasant CT. Just south of the Mass Turnpike.

Comment by Brett:
Hello, I would like to add to this story. Not necessarily about the particular house but rather the woods that surround it. I used to live in Massachusetts and very close to that neighborhood. That area became known as Marcum Village.
That is once it was developed. The woods next to it as kids we would call it ''the dark forest'' only because the trees were so close together that sunlight could barely show itself.

I remember this almost like it was yesterday. Me and my friend were walking in those woods. We were close to leaving the woods. Until all the sudden we turned around, and we saw a lady in white walking where we were a few minutes prior. She had a glow to her all in white. She never acknowledged us in any way. Let's say we were south, and she was walking east.

Another story I have connected to this is that years earlier than this, my brothers were sleeping in a tree house behind our house. We lived off of what is Merriam district nowadays. My brother told me that him and his friend awoke about 3 am to a laugh of an old lady right outside there tree house. I returned back to Massachusetts a couple of years ago. As a kid I was always intrigued by spirits, but I rarely talked about them, so I decided to go back to those woods by myself. I did not have an experience, but I did go ask the neighbor from across the street if she had ever had ghostly experiences. She replied no. However, she said that one of her foster care kids saw a lady in white behind her house at some point but didn't go into huge details.

Adding to this original story, the woods around that house and area are haunted!!! There has been murders, devil worshippers, and tragedy at some point. Not only do I believe this person's story is true, but I'm sure there are plenty houses that contain their own horror history and stories as well. If you would like to know anything else, I could probably help you out!.

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