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Somerville, Massachusetts

Somerville, Massachusetts

Somerville, Massachusetts

Somerville, Massachusetts

Somerville, Massachusetts

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I have lived in Somerville all of my life and never knew there was a website devoted to ghost sightings within my very own area as well as not knowing just how many sightings there have been. This makes me feel better about telling this story instead of feeling like a crazy person for what I saw. Let's just say I live at the end of the bike path by an oil company. I would rather not be too specific in case folks come poking around and loitering. My house overlooks a neighbor's front yard and this is where my story and sightings begin. My neighbor was an old man whose family moved on, and he lived in that house for decades. My grandfather personally knew him and would talk to him frequently when seen working in his front yard. My grandfather also liked sitting on the front porch in the summer time and noticed one day the man was taking a break from his yard work (apparently), my grandfather said ''wow, he must have worn himself out because he's been lying there for hours. It turned out the poor guy died right there in his front yard. Folks just walked by without the slightest idea he had departed hours earlier.

Fast forward seven years later, and I was at home one afternoon sitting on my front porch just listening to music and people watching as folks walk up and down my street. This particular day was rather quiet; however, as there is usually much more foot traffic on my street in the summer. There was a nice breeze, and it was quite warm and very pleasant evening, so what happened next really stuck in my memory. As I sat there with a (non-alcoholic) drink in hand just relaxing. I noticed out of nowhere a man across the street in the neighbor's yard (the one who had passed years earlier) mowing that lawn. At first I thought nothing of this because the house had been occupied since his passing, so nothing unusual, right? Well, this is where things got weird. I was listening to my iPod as well, so nothing kicked in at first until I got a phone call from my dad. The call lasted about two minutes when I hung up. When I went to put my music back on I realized something. The lawn mower the man was pushing was not making a single noise. I thought ''huh? OK, it must be electric. '' I stood up to get a better look, and I did not see any cord! Even battery mowers make noise. I used to own one, so I know. Then I noticed that there were in fact no sounds at all coming from that direction. There were not even any birds on the property, but they were all over other folk's yards and making plenty of noise, but not there, not that day anyway.
Then I noticed more. This guy was being very repetitive in how he was cutting that lawn, and then I freaked out wicked bad. I watched as the grass he was walking over was not even moving. I mean, nothing on the ground moved at all as he walked. Not even obvious branches on the ground as he walked were being disturbed at all. At one point he stopped (paused more like it) and looked around as if examining his work. Then he looked around the neighborhood and even looked right over at my house. My stomach dropped as I was in complete disbelief of what I was seeing. I could not take my eyes off him for a moment. I was locked in on him and waiting for someone to walk by. I was waiting for anyone to break the spell I felt I was under. When someone finally did walk by they never even blinked an eye at him, the person walking by had indeed had headphones on but they looked even right at him as they passed just as if he was as real as me. I ran down my stairs at this point. Ripping my door off the hinges, and I started across the street to end this mystery before I think myself insane.

As I pounced through the door I saw him pushing that quiet mower towards the big tree in the front of the yard. As he got to the tree swing he stopped again. As I went to cross the street looking right at him another neighbor popped out their front door saying Hi to me. In the moment they said ''hey how ya doin? '' And me barely looking in their direction saying ''hi'' back with a wave. As I looked up reaching the tree and looking around the yard, he was gone. Just like that! It was like in all classic stereotypical mysterious form. He was just gone, real classic blink of an eye story. After looking around the yard further I noticed not a piece of grass in that yard lay disturbed. Not one fallen branch in that yard was broken or moved. I ran around the back of the house knocked on the door, no one was home. In fact I waited for someone to come home and confronted them about the man. They said no one of that description lives there, and they only own a gas lawnmower.

Two months later, again sitting on my front porch this time at night I noticed a man lying on the lawn across the street in the dark. ''Ok that's a bit weird. '' I thought. It was a nice night. Thought he may just be looking at the stars. I sat watching him for a while, all while talking to folks on the phone. After an hour I saw him get up. He rubbed the back of his head, and his lower back at the same time looked around the yard and then up and down the street. He then turned and started walking across the yard. As I watched him walk he quite suddenly just disappeared into nothingness. He just faded out of sight right there in the middle of a big empty yard. Once again with my jaw dropped I stared in disbelief. He never reappeared that night. However, I did see him do this same feat several other times on different nights throughout the summer months, but the instances all but stopped once fall began. The one thing that always amazes me in regards to this story is how people seemingly walk by him when he is lying there and no one ever takes notice as to something being out of the ordinary. I guess we are all truly creatures of habit... Even to the very end. And that completes my personal Somerville haunting story... For now.
Submitted by JDC


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