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One night in the year of 2014 I was walking along Christian Hill Road in Upton. It was bitterly cold, and the wind crawled across my face. It was January, and the road had just been plowed of this particular hour, around one am. I had originally gone for a walk to clear my head. However, as my body adapted to the single digit temperature and the whipping winds, I found myself just sort of lumbering around and singing local band melodies.

I then came to a cease in my aimless traipse and sat on a log in front of the fields shivering. I was not inebriated or hallucinatory in any manner, but when I saw the figure I thought for a second I might be. It was tall and skinny, and it wore what seemed like a brightly colored raiment, but in the thick darkness the cloth looked pale with only hints of blue and green. At first I had the supposition that the figure was a rather tall man that lived in the RV off of the road for there are a few homeless people that roam about Upton, as some of the other stories on this site have accounted for. As I observed the figure steadily, for I do not believe he saw me at that point, I noted his erratic and even fatuous behavior. For what seemed like a solid ten minutes it dug in the snow with its bare hands and bent over the entire time like it had just leaned over to touch its toes. When it snapped back upwards its long black hair flipped up and behind its head, as it had been hanging down in its face. It lifted its hands in the air and then collapsed them immediately. It then turned in my direction and began running. I slowly shifted the weight off my legs and cautiously crawled behind the log I was sitting on and laid prone. I was wearing all black, so I had good faith that he would not see me. My vision was obstructed by the log in front of me, and as a cloud passed in front of the gibbous moon, it grew darker.

For what must have been less than a minute, although it felt much longer, I did not hear anything except the eerie howling of winds and the gentle brushing of snow against the road. Then I heard a sound that I did not at first recognize as footsteps on the road. They were so faint and slow-paced that I thought they might be rhythms of the wind. Though, as I distinguished them to be what they truly were, my heart began to pound for I knew they were the figure's footsteps. I dared not poke my head over the log. The footsteps grew nearer and nearer. And nearer. Then just about when I thought he would approach the log I hid behind, I heard him turn on his heels and begin lurching away.

I cautiously raised my head then shifted into a crouching position. I saw that the figure, who was now bounding like a wolf after prey, was headed in the direction of my house. This terrified me wholly for there was really no way to get to my house without either traveling on the road that Christian Hill stemmed off of. Elm Street is the name of it. Going a long roundabout way to me was greatly unfavorable, and since my house was beyond the turn onto Christian from Elm Street, the figure would either stay on Christian, turn in the direction from which I would be coming, or turn towards my house, the direction I would be going. This left me with two options: take Glenview, the road in the direction opposite of which the figure was headed, or follow far behind the figure, in hope he would not turn or hear me. Now I know which may seem like the better answer, but I had already decided somewhere deep down in my brain that I would follow the figure. I would like to say I was going to follow and investigate him, but really I just wanted to get home, and that was the quickest route. Besides, there was always someone about the roads of Upton at night, if not police, plenty of groups of teenagers walked about at night, skateboarding and causing mischief. Surely they would be interested in a ghost hunt, or at least my protection.

I walked out onto the road and began heading in the direction the figure had headed. I assume my readers, if any, would know of Upton, and if not can look the road up on Google maps. Why I bring this up, is for a point of reference. After I had been walking for five to ten minutes, I reached the first intersection of Pearl and Christian. I had just been thinking that the figure was probably already at the end of the road, for he had been previously running, when I heard the cacophonous shrill of a girl. At first my rational mind tried to tell me it was a fisher cat; though the scream ended abruptly. Then, to my horror, I spotted the figure yet again. It was manipulating some object in a field in front of a barn that belonged to the first house on the left on Pearl Street. Again I was bitterly terrified at how tall and skinny it was, it looked almost not human. It was standing there at the sharp corner of Pearl and Christian. I felt the most fear I had in my life, for when I noticed what the figure was doing. I realized its purpose in the field with the RV for it was fighting with a dog in the field in what seemed like maybe a rough game of tug, though I could hear the far-off whimpers of the dog, which sounded undoubtedly helpless.

Then the scream again. The figure momentarily looked up with his foot on the dog's chest and then seemed as if he was laughing as he looked up at the moon, then it all at once thrust a knife into the dog's chest. I began running down the hill away from the figure. I thanked the God I did not even believe in, for the figure did not hear me. I could not believe in any God after witnessing that. I told myself I would go and check tomorrow if the thing had attacked the beautiful horses that belonged to the nearby farm, but, come the next day, I could not find the courage to do anything more than take photographs from the safety of my car. Since that day I photographed the places where I spotted the creature. I have not returned to that road or the town of Upton again.

The picture of the RV is attached below. The other picture is of the field in which the dog was killed, and I have attached it to another entry on this website under the same name with a text that says ''the picture is attached below. '' All of the narrative above is completely factual, I advise anyone who reads this narrative to stay off of Christian Hill Road at night, if I were you I'd stay out of Upton like me, but I'm not you. - Ghost picture submitted by An Anonymous Former Upton Citizen

Comment by Tanner:
While looking for ghost stories with pictures I came upon your picture that I immediately knew something was lurking around so I figured I read the story. After I was reading the story it felt like it came out of a horror movie no joke! You had to be glad that this unknown ghost didn't get you.
Hope you have a nice day.

Comment by Db:
Obviously a professional story teller/writer. Nice try.

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The picture is attached below. This is the second picture I took and belongs with the story of Christian Hill Road and the tall skinny figure I saw there. - Ghost picture submitted by An Anonymous Former Upton Citizen

Comment by Jose:
I validate this entire story as plausible as I had quite a similar experience on the same road.

Comment by Rigsby:
I saw a figure of the same stature rambling outside my house on Pearl Street. I was surprised this story described him so accurately.

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