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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
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Submitted by Sarah

Fulton: I am originally from Fulton but am in the military. My investigation group is named Mad Dog Paranormal Investigations. If you would like for my team to investigate your residence please hurry and call or text 318-464-9734.
I am only in town until the 27th I have to return to my duty station on that date. Ask for Mike.
Submitted by Mad Dog paranormal

Greenville: Ghoststalkersprs on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter looking for haunted locations in Greenville and Williamsville cape surrounding areas. See our contact info on Google buissness. We've been on numerous radio and podcast shows, and the recipient of the strathmores award. .
Submitted by Tim & Lakeshia Byrd

Harrisonville: I graduated from Harrisonville High School in 2011. I may know some of you in here. I moved away from Harrisonville in 2012 but still have family around there. I may need to come back home soon, so I can do some investigating. Anyways I have been doing paranormal investigating since I was an early teen. On and off. I am now in Phoenix, Arizona and have created my own team, Truth and Life Paranormal. You can all check me on youtube and tiktok to see what we do. I do this for research purposes with a skeptical but rational approach, so I can find only the best evidence if it presents itself. I do have ghost hunting equipment to try and capture this phenomenon. I would like to get into some of these homes or locations in the future for investigations to see what activity we may catch. If you own one of these locations or know someone please email me at truthandlifetv @gmail.com.
Submitted by Tyler


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