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. - Ghost picture submitted by jakai

Comment by Alex:
This is so scary!!!.


I have seen this strange thing three times in my life, twice in the same house where I grew up. I was maybe eight or nine years old when I first saw the hat men and then the shadow cat. I was about thirteen to fourteen years old when I saw it in its head and shoulder form.

I am thirty-one and a father of two boys. I have told my children of my experience with a dark ghost. It was in the form of the hat man first. The first time I saw it, it was very late at night. I was on the top bunk of my bunk bed with my little brother on the bottom bunk sleeping. I really had to use the bathroom that was outside my bedroom door. As soon as I woke up to go, I saw it moving towards the room; my room door was left open, and I can see the living room from my bed. At first, I did not really worry about it because I thought it was just my eyes, but I still did not want to just get up, just yet. This thing is still getting closer, coming slowly but still coming. At this point, I was scared and I tried to yell for my mother, but I could not make a sound come out. This thing is coming right at me, and then there were two more behind it, moving in sync. At this point, I really had to use the bathroom, but I was not going to get out of my bed while that thing is right there. Now they were all in my room coming closer to me; I just put my head under the covers and was very very scared. So now I could not scream, I could not wake up my brother or my mother. I tried to calm down a little, so I could call out to them. As I did I peeked out of the covers to see if they were still out there, and yes they were still out there right next to the bed now, almost face to face. However, afterwards I did not remember anything. It was just blank. I remember when it was morning and my mother woke me up and I cried telling her what I saw that night.

The second time I saw it, I did not really think it was the same entity I have encountered at first. This time they were cats, black cats everywhere. At this time my house was being remodeled a little, so I had to sleep in the living room on the sofa. Some of the house was exposed a little, and I thought cats had gotten in through that. These cats were scary looking because their eyes were glowing red all looking at me. This is where I experienced the feeling of being scared stiff. They were all around me not making a sound, but I could see them all dark and glowing red eyes. I wanted to run to my mother's room, but I could not move, so again I tried to yell and that came out was a little sound like 'ack'. This time I was able to calm down enough to get out one yell for my mother. It took a few seconds, but she came in turning on the lights asking if I am OK. All I did was just cry and told her there were cats in here.

The last encounter was in another house. I was about fourteen years old, but the new house happened to be around the corner of the other one. This was a two-family house, and we shared a common hall way with the people upstairs. The house was set up kind of strange, the upstairs kitchen was downstairs at the end of the hallway, and at the other end of the hallway is the main exit door that is always locked. It was in the evening, and my little brother was knocking on the door for someone to unlock the door for him to come in. I heard the knock and went to unlock the door. There was no light in the hallway and my apartment door is right next to the outside door. As I proceeded to unlock the door I glanced down the hallway, the door was open. There was a very large dark figure there standing, but you could see it very clearly looking. Its eyes glowed red, and I quickly tried to run back into the house when I saw that. I was scared. It was coming at me, this time fast, very fast. I tried to close the door, but it was being pushed open. I was a strong kid, but I could not stop it from opening. So as the door opened, I just jumped back into the air about five or six feet onto the living room table smashing it, and it was my brother at the door.

The thing is I had not gotten to unlock the door before that thing came at me. I yelled for him to close the door. He was laughing at me, because he thought I went crazy. I said to him 'how did you get in, did you see that in the hallway?'' He said ''what? You opened the door. '' I told him I did not make it to the door. There was a thing coming at me, and I ran back in. He said he did not see anything. We were both laughing at the table until my mother came out to see what had happened.

Till this day these things still have me wondering. After telling my boys my experience and drawing what I saw on a piece of paper after dinner, I then decided to go online to see if others might have heard of this. I came across's website. What made me submit the story are the pictures on this website. It is the same as the ones I have drawn to show my children. This is so crazy!!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Jakai

Comment by Bokaba:
My first thought is that you have sleep paralysis and possibly narcolepsy. You should consult a physician specializing in sleep disorders and possibly a psychiatrist to see if you do in fact have any sleep disorders.
This is probably the most likely explanation since all incidents have taken place after you awoke and they have taken place at more than one location which otherwise would mean that paranormal activity is attracted to you rather than mere stumbling upon it (which would be a very bad thing).
Extreme cases of sleep paralysis can cause hallucinations and particularly hallucinations of things that frighten you. However if you have exhausted all scientific methods and competent physicians do not believe you have any sleep disorders then the other small possibility is that there is something abnormal going on.

The troubling thing about your story is that you seem to only report things you actual believe to have seen and do make any logical jumps or inferences and as such if there is no medical reason for you seeing strange black figures I am inclined to believe they are actually present.

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