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Full Bodied Sightings and Shadows.
My daughter Rachel stayed with us briefly while she was between apartments. One morning she and Dee were home alone, and I was at work. Rachel thought she saw Dee walk down the hall wearing a dark blue or purple robe and watched her turn into the bedroom. She was shocked when a moment later Dee emerged from the bathroom and walked into the kitchen. She thought she had seen Dee from behind but now didn't know who or what she had seen.

Dee's daughter Dawn had come to do rake leaves in the fall of 2007 and had just put the rake back in the carriage house and was returning to the main house. As she approached the main house, she noticed a woman dressed in a white gown or robe standing in the back door watching her. She said she seemed to be staring at her as she walked and was a little flustered when she came back into the house. She asked who the woman in the landlord's apartment was and made a comment about being ''creeped out'' by her. Jim, our landlord, lives alone and when we checked later on he said there was no one there that day.

On New Years Eve 2007 friends of ours came to spend the evening with us and brought their 2-year-old daughter along. At one point during the evening the father got up and went to the bathroom. A couple of seconds after he closed the door the daughter decided to run after him and shot out of the room and into the hallway. Because the stairway and landing were so close to the bathroom door we told the mother she should probably go grab her, just in case. She ran out and grabbed her daughter. When she came back into the room she said ''I didn't know that Emily was home!'' That was a surprise to us because we knew Emily in fact was NOT at home, but at her father's house in Runnemede for the holiday!

We asked why she said that, and she told us she had seen her walking down the hall and into her bedroom. She then described her as wearing a purple robe. I went and looked but found exactly what I thought I would. No Emily. No one else either. We were all accounted for, and no one should have been where our friend saw her. I grabbed my camera and tripod and started snapping pictures one after another, aiming it down the hall. The first 20 or so pictures had nothing, but one had what appeared to be a mist rolling up from the lower stairway and around the landing. It had its own light which can be seen reflecting in the doors on the left of the hall. Pictures following this one had nothing.

Our grandson had stayed the night, and he and I were sitting at the kitchen table. He was in his booster seat and was position in a way that his side was to the kitchen doorway but with a clear view down the hallway. At one point while we were eating breakfast I noticed he had stopped and was staring down the hall. I asked what he was looking at, and his response caught me of guard. He said he was looking at the purple monster. Colin was a little over three years old at the time. I continued to question him about it. I asked if it was a girl or boy monster. He again turned and looked down the hall for a moment then looked back at me and said ''A girl. '' I asked if she had a name, and one more time he looked down the hall. After a moment he looked at me and said ''She says Rhona. '' We knew of no one with that name and had no idea where a 3-year-old would come up with that name, but he was certainly convincing. I finally asked if she was still there, and he told me she left.

Dee and I have both seen shadow figures moving down the hall. I was in the kitchen one recent morning and thought I heard Dee in the hall and leaned over to look. The light was off in the hall, and I saw the figure of a person moving and thought it was Dee and yelled to her. The figure vanished almost immediately, and I just stood there and tried to decide just what it was I had seen. I have seen a similar figure pass by the bed room door on two separate occasions. Dee has also seen the shadow figure moving in the hall.

At the moment this is all I can think of but will update as I remember more, and from now on out I will add new occurrences with dates and times. Within the past month we have had what appear to be unrelated incidents happen, but they are also just as odd. . - Ghost picture submitted by Bob

Comment by Laney:
We moved into this house in the 1980s renting out the middle apartment. The landlord said he had never heard noise before us and wanted to throw us out because the noise was getting pretty loud on some nights.
I remember (35years later) it sounded like a metal bar going back and forth on the wood paneling. We would sleep in the living room we were so scared! The master room rocking chair would fly back and forth and we would see a woman in white in the hall.
All activities seemed to stay towards bedrooms. We did extensive research on the house and yes the Dr. owned it and his wife was wheelchair bound in the master room I believe. Until us we were told nobody had experienced anything.

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