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In 2004 we moved in to a town home in what use to be Maplewood now Park Crossing. My wife and daughter seemed content, but I had a very uncomfortable feeling after the first 48 hours in the apartment. I really couldn't put my finger on it, and my wife thought I was crazy. I just kept going on and on about how the place doesn't feel right to me, and I was starting to get annoyed at myself. My aunt insisted it was because I had to get adjusted to a new place. Things started to get weird. We had two touch lamps in our bedroom on both sides of the bed. They began to turn on and off at night. They each had three levels of brightness, and they would take turns going through each level, on and off and sometimes both going at the same time. Eventually, we had to leave them unplugged. We figured it was some kind of electrical interference with the sensors.

One evening while unpacking boxes in our bedroom our daughter, who was four at the time, was on our floor playing. She was flat on her back and tried to sit up. My wife and I watched while she struggled as if someone was holding her down. She had a look on her face like she was trying with all her might to sit up but couldn't. She finally said out loud, ''let me go!'' She was able to get up and when we asked her what had happened she said a little girl was holding her down, but there was nothing there. Not long after that one day after I had taken a shower I went in our bedroom to get dressed and then back to the bathroom to finish up things. As soon as I went back in I noticed immediately that there was an image of a demon looking thing on our shower liner. It was staring right at me with a creepy smile and a long neck. There were evil eyes and little horn looking things on the head. The image was made up of the water droplets from taking a shower. I grabbed our camera and took a picture of it.

The image stayed on the liner all day and was gone by the morning. It never happened again after that. I've heard my name being called a few times while trying to sleep. I have also had dreams of being haunted by something I couldn't see and woke up paralyzed. I couldn't move or speak for a good three minutes or so. Very scary, but this is nothing compared to what I went through while living in Pennsauken!. - Ghost picture submitted by Tom

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