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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
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Submitted by Kirstin & Jackie

North Dakota: I am writing this question or rather as a question for a friend his house for six or seven years old. He wakes up almost every single night with what he believes to be night terrors. He's told me about this many times, and he started to wonder if he was crazy. I told him I believe that he wasn't crazy. I told them that it sounded like there could be something in his house. Then he started to tell me that he has seen things like this his whole life since he was a kid, and he was starting to get concerned because his youngest son has seen things as well . He told me most of the time when he sees these things as kind of in a dream state.

He is not a big believer of ghost or paranormal or mediums because I started to wonder if he was some sort of medium. He said he has had experiences like this his whole life. He does remember seeing something as a kid while he was wide-awake. He says he has seen an old lady almost floating above him. He is seeing a man pointing a gun again at him, and he has even seen a little boy standing by his bathroom door. He is kind of scared, and he thinks he's going crazy.
After I listen to the many stories I first I thought maybe it was a haunting. I question whether or not it was something else. He doesn't come from people who believe in that sort of thing, so I said that I would do some research to see if there was someone to talk to. He lives in North Dakota, but I am in Canada.
Submitted by Kim

Williston: I have a lot of stories, but right now I would like to help anyone in the Williston area. I am the lead investigator for Williston Paranormal. Please if anyone needs help, visit our website www. willistonparanormal. webs. com.
Submitted by Chance


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