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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
  Apollo: Hello, everyone my name is Robert. I am a ghost hunter. If you need any help with paranormal, you can get a hold of me on facebook. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Ghost Hunter Rob. PS. Will discuss payment over call. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.
Submitted by Rob

Athens: Hello my name is Katrina. I'm 19 and a medium. I'm part of an elite team focused on paranormal and supernatural activity. We are focused on old towns and farmhouses around that area. If anyone in that area wants an investigation done, me and my partner Nicholas can be reached by text or phone at the number 5702217274. We are hopeful to prove the existence of spirits and other beings. It is free of charge for anyone in or around this area. Seeing as most people know my family, but any farther then Loch field and we put on a 25 dollar fee for gas. If you want, I also have a gmail Katrinamccormick44 If anyone wants or needs help, me and my team are the ones to choose.
    Submitted by Katrina

Ashland: My name is Cody. If anyone know of haunted places in Ashland where I can spend a night doing EVP sessions let me know @ 570-205-5893 leave your name please thank you.
Submitted by Cody

ACV area: Hi there, my sister and I are from the ACV area, and we are amateure ghost hunters. We use video infrared theremometers. We take emf readings as well as EVP recordings. We would like to know if you have the contact info or could help set up spme thing so we could investigate any of these locations.

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