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For the person that wrote about Kennedy manor someone always whispers ''hello'' to me too! However, mine sounds like a deep woman voice. It once yelled out my name in the shower. If you know the bathrooms, it was not coming from the vents. It was right next to me. It always scratches me, and I actually caught a picture of it clearly showing a figure doing yoga almost like a demon, but it looked like a person's head with hands in front of them. - Ghost picture submitted by Ashley

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So one Friday my friend and I went to the library and it was closed so we went out on the hill behind it. Long story short we went down to the plants near the river and felt horrible emotions so we ran back to the hill and we saw 2 shadow people. One where we had just been and another in a tree.
I then started crying from so many emotions and my friend had to drag me back to the building.
Once we were a bit past the library we looked back and in the bushes was another shadow person who ran towards us. He had a reddish color in his stomach area which was totally weird so we ran to our friend's house.

Then another time, actually multiple times we went there during the day and we were taking pictures and we saw and felt shadow people around us. In one of the pictures we caught a ghost watching us.
It was a guy hiding in the bushes just staring. We plan to go back again to see if he will approach us this time or not. Pretty scary stuff. In the picture I've attached in the bottom right corner near the rainbow look for an eye, and then you will see the figure.
It blends in but it's there and see-through. O.O weird... - Ghost picture submitted by Catherine

Comment by Matt:
I see three faces.

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