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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
Boiling Springs: My name is Kristin, and I am a professional paranormal investigator. I live in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. I am with ''Midlands Ghost Chasers,'' and you could find our link on Facebook. I also have a separate link from my old group that I will still keep. MGC invited me to permanently join their team. My old Facebook page is ''Nightstalkers
    Paranormal of the Carolinas. '' There's a lot of information on both links but Midlands Ghost Chasers is our main team.

If you are in South Carolina
or the southern part of North Carolina and you are experiencing Paranormal Activity, please contact me by email imjusagirl73@gmail. Com.

Facebook messenger Kristin Zetting-Garland.

We are a dedicated team of investigators and researchers. Please only contact us if you are positive that something is going on or something just isn't right, especially when children are involved. We do get a lot of emails and phone calls and the ones with children

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