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I watch ghost adventures every time I get just to learn the new techs that they use and would love to get into this field of research. I would love to see what you find and will work on any evidence that you find to help in all of your investigation. Just email me with any and I will be glad to give you my insight on whatever you find. My email is cgstarnes2010
approximately 2014.
    Submitted by Christopher

Bloomingdale: If you need an investigation, we are here. Savannah paranormal is located in Bloomingdale, GA. , just minutes from Savannah. You can reach us via our web site www. Savannahparanormal. Org or by phone at (912) 507-1447.
approximately 2012.
Submitted by Savannah

Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CSPRI): Our mission at Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CSPRI) is to investigate and document using the scientific method any and all paranormal activity. With an open yet objective mindset, we will use state-of-the-art equipment as well as classic equipment to deliver the most logical explanation to all paranormal activity conceivable. We will ensure that our staff of investigators and researchers will exemplify professionalism, courtesy, and confidentiality for each case that is delivered to us. CSPRI understands that privacy is paramount in any case that is taken and will use all measures to ensure that the privacy of each client is respected.

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