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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
  I was sitting in the car when I looked to the car beside me and I saw a little boy staring at me at first I thought it was a regular boy when I realized that the boy looked a bit transparent. I looked back at the car and the boy wad gone.
I thought it was my imagination but I was not. That little ghost boy scares me to this day.
Submitted by Adriana

       Categories: boys, cars

I used to live on a main road 2 mins outside the city surrounded by country fields. About 7 years ago an accident killed a man at the corner I lived at. 5 years ago I was driving to my home at about Midnight and as I neared that corner there was a big patch of fog moving across the road and from the fog down to the road I suddenly saw the hips and legs of someone crossing the road.
I hit my brakes to stop and the fog suddenly dissipated and there was nothing there I sat there for a few seconds looking around... I brushed it off as being tired and pulled ahead past the intersection and into my driveway..
I let our dog out on the lawn and turned to see a car in the other direction suddenly stop on my side of the corner and the Driver sat there as I had and looked around then finally pulled away... On writing on a blog about it a man told me the person I had seen crossing the road was a man who had died at that corner he described the Accident as it had been, and said he was crossing the road out looking for the man who had killed him looking for revenge and to stay away from that spirit as he was a very negative latcher...
Submitted by Janice

       Categories: home, man, road, cars, dogs

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