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My sister went to Mexico for vacation and the family was celebrating a...

I have two pictures, one my niece took in Mexico and one my cousin too...

Here is a photo of my niece and nephew that was taken in Manzanillo Be...
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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
  One time my cousin Pancho and I were fishing at a local resaca. We saw a lady walking on the water. As she got closer we ran to the closest house and told them to call the police. The old lady that lived there told us a story. She said many years ago in the past there was a lady that was murdered and thrown in the resaca. Her soul is not at rest.
Submitted by Lorenso

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Once I was in a hotel with my husband Juan and we were in Mazatlan Mexico and we fell asleep. I woke up to find long scratches down the right side of Juans back and I saw the ghost just leaving.
Submitted by Krista

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When I told my mom that if she ever seen a ghost she said about 4-5 times and I'm going to tell you one. She was about 7 years old when her mom and her 2 sisters were going to bye milk late aroud 8:00 pm she said she was walking in front with her baby sister and her other sister was walking all the way on the back with her mom.
Then she said she looked on her left and saw a little girl with a white dress inside a laundry mat and that little girl said ''help me' (in Spanish) , and that she told her mom that a little girl wanted help so her mother ran as fast as she could, and when she looked at the little girl my moms mom said ''thats not a little girl that's the devil! ''my mom told me that she had dark red eyes and some blood on her hands and my moms mom said ''we have to go now! ''my moms mom did run but my mom just couldn't move and she had her baby sister with her in her hands and just looked at her and my moms mom had to go back and get my mom and my moms baby sister and they just ran.

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