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My friend and her mother went up north to Kerikeri a few days ago. The...

I was going outside my home one night to take a picture of an old sofa...

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
  The corner of Pine Street and Balmoral Road here in Auckland is haunted by the ghost of a man. In the early morning hours you can see him standing in the middle of the intersection. The ghost only appears for a few minutes every night and always at different times.
I often drive through this intersection in the early morning due to my work and usually I'm the only one around when the ghost appears. The ghost is always dressed the same, jeans and a light
    green jacket, looks like he's about 30 years old.
Has anyone else besides me seen this ghost?.
Submitted by Ian

Categories: man, lights, road, jeans


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