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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
  I have my friends in the playground in night I was hear a voice but we can't see a thing we go home a poltergeist I was alone I'm going outside now.
Submitted by Jefferson

       Categories: home, voices, playground, poltergeist

My friends and I went to a park near a very big shopping mall in manila. As we were talking (we sat on a green bench) we heard a whisper coming from behind a bush behind the bench. We answered to the whisper thinking it was someone asking for direction or something.
    Then we heard ''help me'' ''please help me''. It was about 2:30 am. We looked around but didn't see any thing or anyone around there. We got so scared, we ran back to the car and took off.
Submitted by Suki

       Categories: cars, park, mall, bush


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