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On December 28, 1879 a terrible accident took place on the Tay Bridge a very violent storm was sweeping the Tay Bridge. A north British railway train was on the bridge at the time. Then all of a sudden girders from the bridge came off and the bridge collapsed taking the train and it's 70 passengers with it.
Only until after it's due time did they realize something happened. A year later in 1880 two bodies and the locomotive were recovered. The engine was nicknamed, ''the diver'' it was repaired and place back in service and a new bridge was built, but needles to say that didn't silence the ghosts of the past every anniversary people say that the see the train trying to get across the bridge, but it never makes it to the other side.
Here is a photo of the engine that was recovered. - Ghost picture submitted by Andy

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I was working in Owlpen Manor, Gloucestershire, England, it is a very old stone built manor house with huge grounds and cottages. I saw something out of my eye, this was about 6.30 am. It looks like the shadow of someone dressed in white standing just behind the window in the attic of an outbuilding, I grabbed my camera and took a shot.
Thankfully the image came out. You can see the figure behind the window on the top floor. - Ghost picture submitted by Toomuch

Comment by Dan:
I have visited Owlpen Manor many times through work. First time was to do a survey about 3 years ago. Whist walking around with a builder I heard a growling noise but thought it was in my head. I plucked up the courage to ask the builder if he heard anything, and to my surprise he heard the exact thing. We still laugh about it today. Friendly family and staff, wonderful house with great history but very scary.

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