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I live in an area where I need binoculars to watch my neighbor mow their lawn. I've heard and seen my fair share of things in the woods, but this takes the cake. Honestly, if I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it either. Outside of my house there is often a man with a lantern. I can tell he doesn't want to hurt us. He's never advanced past my window. I'd only noticed him because of the bright light. Now, this was when my bedroom was in the first floor. I live in the second floor now and have experienced many things.

First, I've had handprints on my window. When I say second floor I mean at least 60-foot drop. We haven't got a ladder that long, and it would be even more impossible to get the print where it was. In between my window panes, where only determined insects seem to find passage to and then die. This is a horrible picture, but it was the only visible angle to take a photo. Secondly, I often experience sleep paralysis. I'll be having the most idiotic of dreams, but awake so violently that I can't breathe, can't move, nothing. All I can do is sweat and fear for my life for a reason I have no idea about. I believe this is a different being than the lantern man. This thing wants to hurt me. - Ghost picture submitted by Tessa

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