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I have been experiencing ongoing paranormal and poltergeist situations in and around our coop complex, and inside our own coop apartment, here in Great Neck, New York. I have over 200 EVP recordings and many photos taken in and around our complex dwelling.
It does seem that our entire complex is haunted by many spirit guests. I have also experienced sightings, as well as apparitions and bright orbs, along with a few foul smells occasionally. In this photo, there seems to be a man sitting on the edge of my mother's bed, he does not being in our apartment.
Only my mother and I were home at the time this photo was taken. There are other unseal faces in this photo, I am wondering if anyone can find them? This is just one if many photos I have taken in and around our coop complex. - Ghost picture submitted by Poetess

Comment by anonymous:
I know someone who lives there and they have ghosts.

Comment by Valerie:
There are some steps you and your neighbors can take to deal with the paranormal. The foul smells are concerning, so I would very strongly recommend getting a Catholic priest in to do a blessing of your home as soon as you can. I also very strongly suggest you get some holy water (can be obtained from a Catholic church) and sprinkle it in every room, closet, and large enclosed space (i.e. Wardrobe pantry large cupboards etc.,). You can bring in blessed crucifixes and place them in each room. Be careful of giving the entity/entities too much attention. I feel that since the activity occurs beyond your home, you should consider speaking with neighbors and see if they'd want to have a home blessing. If you feel comfortable with that. The entire complex may need an exorcism, but one is not obtained easily. Still speak with a Catholic priest and get some holy water. My prayers are with you.

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