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This is a picture of a ghost from Massapequa, New York. Definitely something paranormal in this picture. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous


We went to Salem, Mass around Halloween and got some strange photos with orbs in them.   I was online with a guy who took the photos apart with filters and said they look real and he doesn't know what is in them. While online I got bumped out of the conversation 3 or 4 times.   I said ''show yourself already come-on''. The lights went on / off 3 or 4 times yet my computer and monitor did not flicker nor was there a problem with my online connection. I went all around and took photos only to find the movie poster for the Titanic had a woman's face on it and reflected in my daughter's character. The next day I looked and half the poster was bent as if someone pushed it around their face and reflected light to be a woman's face. It is white and doesn't look like any woman I know or knew.   the room was where the first owner of the house slept in and died in.  
I get flashes in the corner of my eye and smell of cigarette smoke, yet I am allergic and would sneeze if it were real smoke. The former owner was a heavy smoker. Recently my wife smelled it also in the basement and I am on the first floor when I smell it. I have felt her benevolent hand when I got a back cramp on the stairs and would have fallen. In the upstairs below the door I have seen black shoes in a small size in the upstairs bathroom door. Things disappear and then appear for no reason. I lost a tool that is 2 inches long about 3/4 inch wide and is a socket. It disappeared then one day 2 or 3 years later it was in the middle of the desk where my computer is. I could not have done anything on the computer or desk without seeing it and everyone denies any involvement (for this I thank her for returning the socket). - Ghost picture submitted by M

Comment by Steven:
Good story but why is the photo so blurry??? This isn't the 80s... Orbs aren't only balls of energy. They can be dust particles too. And the Titanic picture is too blurry to distinguish what you mean... Take better pictures...

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