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Hey guys I have had a lot of you comment and ask me what this was about since I posted the entry a few years ago. People found this link but I just briefly touched base on this subject to get the story out there only to keep a record of those incidents on those particular nights I did not however think so many people would find the page, and even so be intrigued or even bother to inquire about the creature on those nights. After council with a few trusted colleagues and people who are more serious about the truth rather than just funny stories I feel that I must reveal for the record the absolute unsettling reality as told only by real experience. This story was not created as a joke or for fun this is in fact very real. Please!!!! Do not read any farther if you are not prepared to accept this cold scary watcher as it shall indeed begin to haunt your shadows. I will happily share these accounts with you but this is not something I can speak of with plain openness per say around a table at the mall or in a public place where so many can take it as a crazy joke, and ultimately dilute the real darkness and trepidation that is very real and urgently surfaced in such a conjuration of these accounts..It is such a frightening and vast commentary that there is a very closely guarded secret that I can only share with you if you do not consider this a joke. I really freak out every time I recall the madness that has plagued my dreams and memories since first witnessing the demon on those few unnerving and unexplainable nights. There is of course a few other accounts I have yet to publicly disclose for my own reasons but I sincerely can concur that there is a very real threatening danger in those places some people call the woods the ''black woods'' aka roaring brooks backyard.100 years ago these woods were called the black woods look it up in any old map of Putnam Valley but why? There is some evil there that is exceedingly elusive but yet it has decided to come to rest with me as a freakish demonic tormentor. You all know me well enough to realize this cannot be held lightly as I am really not one to elaborate within any unreal experiences without certain facts that have searchable and accurate backgrounds which can be actually accounted for by real living breathing witnesses. I alone can fully give a report and explanation but I will not entertain any suggestions that this is a created story made in jest. The owl or ''ugin'' is very real as myself as well as other unnamed witnesses who have also encountered this demonic creature can all re account .I cannot go further into details I do not wish to bring upon you this curse but you will see if you look for him or it it will present itself for you as it is calling out to be found.... Who who who....The moth man was only mistakenly described as a moth those eyes were owls eyes and those antennae horns 9 feet tall and grey with wings. The moth was an owl this is the only thing of which I am sure. Google it. A farmer was once attacked by the supposed ''moth man'' and actually every description recalls the same description that we all saw. The farmer shot the creature and fled to the safety of his home.On the next day he went to the site of the alleged attack and found only feathers and a dead great grey owl. Coincidence? Then why was the moth man a dead owl? Another account was in England. A few kids saw a grey creature hovering over an ancient church the creature attacked them and then they ran into a storm drain eventually it flew away. Research this for yourself. do not believe me? That's all good. Walk alone in the trails I absolutely promise you that you will see some thing. Please remember I cannot write everything about this creature here but I have soo many other stories about it and many other strange occurrences in roaring brook. Respect it and you will be safe but it will watch you and walk in the shadows just around the bend.... P. S. Listen for the sounds of rocks smashing the creature throws Boulders and large stones and travels exclusively on rocky surfaces but he cannot cross bodies of water. Did you ever wonder why there is so many rock walls all throughout the woods? Me too. Is it really property markers what about the caves? Be careful. Contact me for any inquires. He is known by some as ugin or indred cold he may also be known as the Moloch.
approximately 2008.
Submitted by Mike

Comment by Charity: Mike, I had some experiences there. Please email me at charity2015 @optonline. Net. I would like to ask you a few things in regards to any past experiences as I've been concerned with.
approximately 2017.


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In roaring brook lake, Putnam Valley. A resident Michael degrazia reported on several occasions to witness a small grey owl in a tree in the area around spur beach, after seeing the owl for four days in a row perched in a pine tree, he stopped to see it up close, at first it stayed there in the tree just looking at him for almost 5 minuets at only arms length away, after a while it flew away.The next evening at the same time approximately on his way going out with a few friends, in exactly the same spot stood an unidentified creature of approximately 9 or 10 feet tall. It was dark grey with what looked like torn clothes or a cloak, it had large yellow eyes about three quarters the size of it's face with small black holes where the pupils where, it was extremely skinny with arms of very long length.It had massive claw like hands with long needle like sharp protrusions from the finger tips, it stood nearly lifeless except that it's head turned as they drove by. It locked eyes with him as they passed.The creatures head rotated around in a way similar to an owls, it had an eerily menacing look and the face was completely devoid of features except for the eyes he states. He also saw it one other time in about a 3 mile distance away from the first sighting, while driving south on the taconic state parkway.At this time it was in flight hovering but moving at an abnormally slow speed over head as him and his wife and child were driving. There where other witnesses at both sightings other than Mike degrazia, but they are all unwilling to speak about their encounters.Mike also states that since the first encounter when he walked in the woods around this area he always hears the hoots of a far off owl that seems to follow him as he walks farther along Richardsville road that has been abandoned for many years.This was essentially his back yard as he grew up there in roaring brook. It also is between the two areas of the sightings. It is also according to the book celt ic mysteries by Philip j imbrogno and Marianne horrigan, the central area for u.F. O. Sightings in the U. S. A. As well as a hot bed of spiritual/ghost sightings.
approximately 2006.
Submitted by Ugin


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