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I live in Shortsville (... ) here is a real one. Ever heard of the round house? Well it's this huge abandoned building in Shortsville / Manchester New York, that a train carrying passengers crashed into.
This happened a long time ago but even before the crash the round house had been abandoned.. Well story goes if you go in there during Halloween and you don't have a light, the ghosts will trick you and lead you into a trap so you can die the same way they did.
One passenger fell through a huge hole in the floor and died because no one could fix his broken leg, and get him out. The last person to die, went insane and hung himself on a chain, and if sometimes the ghost will throw the chain at you from across the room or drop it on you...

Shortsville is a rather interesting town with many abandoned buildings but the round house is by far the scariest. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Sheila:
The roundhouse was once the largest of it's kind in the country used to turn engines in the opposite direction. The train crash happened on the outlet bridge killing many passengers.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous


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