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In-laws live on Conestoga in Berwyn, PA, the home is very old and very big. Two of the main members that live there do not believe ghosts are in the home. However, one of them completely believes they are not alone there.
One of his stories chilled me, he said one of the rooms on the 3rd floor was painted along with the rest of the home when they moved there. To this day, I looked, if you walk up there and look in the door jam, the words ''I am home'' with a triangle on top of a square to resemble a simple drawing of a home is below the words.
We all (other family members who live in Texas) have been effected by the spirits there a few times. My brother in law who lives here in Texas was there for a few months, he is 6'3'' 230 pounds of mostly muscle, was once a moy ti fighter and a marine, not a scared guy.

He was walking down the narrow flight of stairs to the basement where the laundry room is, to start a wash load. He describes the feeling of a woman tapping him on the shoulder, as if to get him to turn around.
He did turn and saw nothing. This man will no longer go down there, alone. Next, we fast forward about 7 years, we, my son and I, go for a visit with about 6 other family members... I jokingly say to my brother in law, ''take me and the boy (2yrs old) to see around the house and show me the basement that you fear.''
We get down the basement stairs, he is holding my son, I am behind them with a camera and I snapped a few, most had nothing, one or two were interesting. We stayed a week there and the night before we left to head home, my son and I had the worst night sleep! We slept together in a middle room on the second floor.

I woke to something, half a sleep, grabbed my phone to use as a flashlight and shine over to the corner of the room where I heard something. I wear glasses and did not grab those so nothing was real clear but I could make out any shadow, my eyes are not that off.
When I did this light there in the corner of the room is one of those 1980s wicker high back fan chairs with a soft throw blanket folded and placed on one side of the seat of that chair. What I saw was the shadow of a shorter person, sitting on that chair with a leg crossed and their arms crossed and they were tilted to one side of the chair because they were not evenly planted because of the throw blanket in the seat they were sitting in.
It made me completely aware I was not alone. I shined the light again to see and it was gone. I went to sleep. About an hour and half later, my son, sleeping next to me, started screaming! Not a whine but a frantic gasping for air, freaking out in a panic, screaming.

I tried to hold him but this changed nothing. I picked him up, got out of the bed, walked to the end of the bed to the antique ottoman, sat him down and knelt down to get in his face and see what was wrong.
After a lot of saying catch your breath, stop and calm down, about 5 mins. He was calm, I said what was wrong, why are you crying!! He pointed to something over my shoulder and said I need that. Behind me was a table against the wall with photos in frames on it.
He was pointing to a picture and said he needed it. The in-laws collect old things and the frames were old, so I did not touch or pick up the photo and when looking, I didn't recognize the person in it.

He and I got in bed to rest a little more but I was up until 4 am and so was he. We go back again this year for a visit, I am a little nervous. I apologize if this is all confusing. I am just sharing because I want to know more about our in-laws' home but must remain private as they might get upset with me.
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