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This is Barney and I have been to Gettysburg about eight times in the last 9 years. Anyhow this is the Jennie Wade House, and Jenny Wade was the only civilian killed, but this is a photo from my cell phone of a Union soldier standing by the window behind the girl. In fact, it's high-ranked soldier peering out the window!. - Ghost picture submitted by Barney

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This is the ghost dog at the Jenny Wade house standing next to the fellow doing the ghost tour as I told in my vacation to Gettysburg PA! I don't know why I get so many ghosts show up for me but somehow they do almost anytime I go ghost hunting. I record some kind of spirit 90 percent of the time I go no matter where I go!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Barney

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This is the Union soldier at the Jenny Wade house it looks like he is guardian the house! He is behind the lady and you can see through the lady!. - Ghost picture submitted by Barney

Comment by Barney:
Opps you can see the ghost through the lady and look at it in the dark with the lights out also use your fingers to make it even bigger! See I told you I took great ghost photos!! What luck I have! They just show up for me and feel free to use my ghost stories in your.
Book you speak of I have a ghost dog in the same house and I also posted a photo of a ghost in Prospect church in Prospect VA!.

Comment by Anonymous:
Is the person holding the phone also a ghost because his fingers are see-through too. Also the guy in black is semi-transparent. Sorry, but this seems more likely to be caused by bad focus and a blurry picture than something supernatural.

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I took random photos on a trip to Gettysburg in November 2012. If you look closely in the center of the picture just below top of fence there is a face. Also to the left of the center pole on the bottom by the grass is the face of an older man with a white beard.
If the photo is studied you can probably see other faces but these are the 2 that stand out to me most. - Ghost picture submitted by Cathy

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This picture was taken amongst many others on August 10, 2013. I showed this picture to many friends and family just to confirm what I thought was a ghost. They all agreed. To me it looks like young Indian boy but I don't know what that would have to do with Gettysburg.
Still you can see a face with eyes, nose, and the hairline. He is at the bottom left hand corner. - Ghost picture submitted by Melinda

Comment by Paul:
Just thought I'd let you know that if you research Gettysburg area you will find out that there was a Micmac Indian village located near the triangle field way back before the town existed. There is your explanation of an Indian boy!.

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This was a picture that I had taken in Gettysburg, PA a few years ago. I have been back a few times hoping to capture something like this again but haven't be able to. If you look close you can see soldiers standing by the road. - Ghost picture submitted by Penny

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I wanted to prove to myself that ghost exist so I went to Sach Bridge! It was so beautiful!! Wow you feel so welcome until about 8:30 pm, after that the mood changed! I took as many pics as I could before the overwhelming feeling to go made me to jump in my car and go!! Later on in the week I was going through my phone pics and decided to study them.
I zoomed in on a pic I took across the bridge and had a clear shot of a soldier's face, mustache and all!!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Wezee

Comment by Paul:
I have also caught a couple ghost like figures in my pictures around Sach's Bridge.

Comment by Debbie:
I also see a image that looks a little demonic to the right of the soldier. Cool pic:-).

Comment by Wezee:
I also see the face Debbie. This picture still creeps me out.

Comment by Bri:
Am I nuts? I've seen nothing in any of these Gettysburg pictures but really out of focus photos. If something is super blurry, you can imagine you see whatever you want.

Comment by anonymous:
Bri if you look on the path between the trees it's a face of a soldier.

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We were at Gettysburg this past July during bike week. Our friends brought us to Sachs Bridge. I took a picture there and said what the heck. There appeared an image of a Confederate soldier's head. I didn't move and took a second picture.
This time the image appeared to be breaking up. The third picture was totally clear. There were many people at the site and all were blown away by was appeared on my digital camera. I was a non-believer until this. - Ghost picture submitted by Ed

Comment by Porter:
Yep I was there the same week and I videoed some voices after the bikegroup left. They were making so much cranking up their bikes that you couldn't hear the sprint box but whenever the bikes left you could really hear the sprint box talking!.

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I finally got the picture of the ghost. There are no men on this floor, none! So how is this man in the photo? Also this is not photoshopped or a picture over lapped! This is the actual picture just taken by my phone on a laptop. Also the man is see through. This is a stranger. - Ghost picture submitted by Amy

Comment by Anonymous:
This picture bothers me. I find it disturbing.

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We were allowed to tour the Jenny Wade house alone.. We took this photo of the bed where she was laid to rest after her fatal injury. Notice the small orb over the head of the bed-  then look at the larger one at the floor level, along side the jugs on the floor in front of the trunk.
I case no one knows - Jenny was the only civilian killed in the battle at Gettysburg - killed by a stray bullet - while she was cooking food for the soldiers. Her house is listed as one of the most active houses in the northern continent. - Ghost picture submitted by Bob

Comment by Joe:
My girlfriend and I loved this place. I have a flashlight session on our facebook. Sight Lost Souls Paranormal.

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I took this picture by Big Round Top, in the picture you can see a Union soldier in the trees. - Ghost picture submitted by Digital


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