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Not everybody believes in the paranormal. I was a skeptic myself until I had a paranormal encounter. It was about 3 months ago. My brother and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. My parents had left so we were the only ones home.
While watching TV at the same exact time we heard one of our dogs growling at something upstairs. But we both blew it off not thinking anything weird. So about 10 minutes later we heard her doing it again.
So I went upstairs and she stopped. So I went back downstairs and blew it off again. So I sat back down on the couch with my brother and we heard a knock right on the window. Now it's a second story window and there is no way possible someone could knock on the window.

So my brother got scared and I tried to calm him down. Well about 5 minutes later I heard something very heavy drop in my room. So at this point I was scared but my brother was almost in tears.
So I had him go over his friends house I called my mom and told her to come home as soon as she could. Well after my brother left I went upstairs to see what had fallen and I couldn't find anything.
So I sat back down with my dogs on the couch and just waited for my parents to get home. While waiting on the couch in my peripheral vision I saw something going to the bathroom, like a shadow. Knowing that I'm the only one home I got extremely scared and took me and the dogs outside.

When my parents got home they told me that our house used to be a barn and there was a farmer, his wife, and his 2 kids. Well he wasn't making a lot of money at the time because his crops were dying so he literally went crazy and hung his wife (in my room).
Which when he left her she tried to get off the chair and accidently kicked it over and she died. Then when his kids came home they always played hide and go seek and they would knock on the window messing with the parents.
So after they got home he took them to the bathroom and shot both of them. Right after that he shot himself in the head. They were found about 2 weeks later when their family members were supposed to come see them.

I think the loud bang in my room was the chair falling over. The knocking on the window was the little kids still playing hide and go seek and the shadow of walking to the bathroom was the farmer that shot himself right outside of the bathroom.
Now after all this I think the farmer doesn't want to rest because he regrets what he did and the rest of the family is still replaying what happened because they can't cross over because the farmer won't let them.
In the picture below taken in the bathroom in think two(2) of those orbs are the 2 children and I think the other one is the farmer. - Ghost picture submitted by Sammy

Comment by Observer:
The dead don't come back to haunt. These things are demonic entities playing with you!.

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