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My mom was telling me about how she thought she felt someone standing over her in her room and she then all of a sudden got goose bumps. She said ''I don't care if you're here, just don't stand over me like that it creeps me out.''
Then that feeling was gone. A few days later she was doing the dishes and she heard the cat meowing, so she went over to the bottom of the stairs where he was sitting. He was just looking up and meowing, and my mom said ''you're scaring the cat.
'' and the cat went upstairs. That Thursday her boyfriend was over and she set her bottle of beer on the floor and turned to cuddle him and she heard something hit the bottle and she looked and it was tipped over on the floor.

That sat when I was taking a picture in my mom's mirror, I looked at it and saw what looked like a ghost. I showed my mom and my sisters and one of their boyfriends and they all agreed that it looked like a boy ghost.
I cropped myself out of the picture and zoomed in on the ghost. I took the picture in the mirror and you can clearly see an orb above it's head. Some people were telling me it was a reflection on the mirror, but if you look closely on the left you can see that part of the ghost is on the wall. - Ghost picture submitted by Courtney

Comment by Anonymous:
Wow! Great pic! I like how you were able to debunk others about it being on the wall keep that up! Keep us posted of other happenings!.

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