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I live in an old house right down from Wildwood Cemetery. My house is around one hundred years old and we have lived here for 10 years. We have had very strange occurrences since we moved here. The first occurrence happened when I went to lay down in my child's room and I felt as if someone was right in front of me so I opened my eyes and there was a distorted image of a mans face in front of me, I of course swung at it and it disappeared.
My son claimed that there were people walking around in the attic, the hallways would sound as if someone were walking up and down them. One of the most unexplainable moments was when our four wheeler that had no keys, gas, or battery in it somehow started itself up in our front yard and was revving itself up while my neighbor and I stared in misbelief.
During a small get together, my friends witnessed my glass lift up off the table and float down to the middle of the table. The most recent happening was my daughter awoke screaming saying there was a man in her room yelling at her, about 15 minutes later someone said my name and it was a voice I had never heard before.

Whatever it is does not scare me but it scares my children. Any advice on how to get rid of it'' I am uploading a picture that we had taken during a get together, I have cropped the picture to keep my friends identity anonymous but you will see an mans image in the corner of the window.
We have had several different pictures with orbs and apparitions but I lost them when I rebooted my computer. - Ghost picture submitted by Jamie

Comment by anonymous:
Call 911.

Comment by anonymous:
I have contacted the TV show Ghost Asylum to come and check out Milton, PA. I might see if I can get them to come to your house too.

Comment by Mia:
Jamie, my friend and I are wondering if we can come up later tonight to look at your place, my friend Sidney is a wiccan sister, and I've been able to make conversation with the paranormal ever since my father has passed. It's a gift. I have my facebook. It is Mia Banks. It will have a picture of me and my boyfriend standing together near water fall.

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