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Back in High school I used to live in Edgemere. My friends and I used to take our girlfriends into the abandoned VA hospital to scare them. Most stories on this site seem to be about the dungeons, (which are actually WWI artillery magazines) but I always thought the old hospital (which was the VA's version of an insane asylum before it shut down in the late 90s) was much scarier, even before my experience. The main hospital was built in the 1890s and strewn about the massive property are abandoned buildings which were doctors' houses, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and much more circa 1920s.

Anyway, a group of us slipped in through a hole in the fence around 11 pm one night. The main road going in has a guard shack, and as long as you gave that a wide berth you were golden. We got into the main hospital by pulling back the plywood from a broken window. Inside was pretty much what you would expect from an abandoned hospital. The one creepy thing that stood out at this point was an old electric organ piano in a room with one of those gurneys with straps. It looked like the lethal injection gurney.

After 20 minutes of exploring we heard footsteps, we froze and soon we saw a flashlight beam probing rooms at the end of the hall on the second floor. We figured the guard saw our flashlights or something and came to chase us out. Not wanting to be arrested, we made our way to the stairwell and back down to the first floor. We heard footsteps again, so we went into a room that seemed like a storage area. The footsteps seemed to fade away far enough that we made a break for it. We ran past the guard shack instead of the hole in the fence because there was only one guard, and we thought that was who was in the hospital. Of course, the guard was still in the shack. He just sort of leaned out as we ran past. I know for a fact that there was only one guard on duty at that time since this wasn't my first time breaking in. I know that place pretty well.

My story isn't that exciting on the paranormal end; I guess you had to be there. The one guy that was with me also heard frantic whispering, but I didn't. One of the girls also claimed something touched her. Anyway, that is my story. It shook me enough that I get creeped out by the place during the day. This all happened back in 2004-2005. - Ghost picture submitted by Nate

Comment by Brian:
Hey there are orbs in that picture! Did you notice that? At least 2 of them.

Comment by Alexa:
My mom used to work at Fort Howard as a nurse, and I remember being terrified going there as a child.

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