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Picture of a ghost or something at the Beetree Mill on Beetree Road, before the mill burned down. Photo was taken by a guy taking multiple pictures of the mill for history purposes. He went back to see if this was some kind of object but nothing was ever found.
The picture was taken with a non digital camera. Then I got the image, and scanned it to my computer. I added a red circle around it so you can spot the ghost, that looks like a female in a dress. - Ghost picture submitted by Travis

Comment by Trail:
Last week I was bike riding on the trail at the papermill bridge just north of papermill road. I stopped at the picnic table across from the bridge for a rest stop. I placed my water bottle and granola bar on the table and walked across the trail to the spotapot.
I was in there about 45 seconds. I came out and my water bottle and snake bar was gone. No one in sight in either direction. Figured someone ran by and took my stuff as a joke. Next day when passing the table my water bottle was there on the table.
The next day I stopped again and placed my bike's rear wheel in the bike holder next to the table and sat there for a few min. As I was sitting there my bike rolled out of the holder about 3 feet from the rack and stopped as if someone was holding it up.

I walked over to the bike and when I was about a foot from it it began to fall over. I quickly grabbed it. The rear view mirror on my bike was totally frosted over and the bike was ice cold. Temp out then was 84 degrees.
I had to scrape the ice off the mirror. Left in a hurry and no longer stop there for a rest stop...weird!!.

Comment by Observer:
Wow! Both stories and the photo are bizarre.

Comment by Brinda:
Papermill Road Jacksonville, MD. Back in the early 90s working late came home across this road. Suddenly there were tail lights right on my bumper. They stayed there about a mile. It looked like the lights of an older car.
As I rounded a curve a car was coming towards me; the car in back of me took off around me like a bat out of hell. It was a 1958 Chevy, green and white, there was going to be a collision! But after the curve only the car coming toward me had remained.
The older car had completely disappeared and I did not see anything for the rest of the drive on that road!.

Comment by Observer:
The picture is too small. Can't see a thing!!!!!.

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