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On Friday Nov 9 2012 I was installing a new security camera around my house. During the time I was doing this one of the cameras I had already set up which was set to record on motion picked up a white mist moving from right to left across the field of view.
I tried to debunk this and could not. It was at exactly 23:00:48 and only lasted for 4 seconds. What was odd was my camera also recorded 2 still images. My system can only be set up to record either still images or video but not both unless manually overridden.
My wife and I both tossed around ideas like fog or someone smoking or high dew point but unfortunately none could be accused. No one was outside near the camera that caught the movement we don't smoke and neither does our neighbor, the sky was crystal clear with no cloud in site and the position of the camera makes it virtually impossible to be effected by a high dew point.

What is even more eerie is that there is nothing with any physical definition that triggered the camera. I'm still trying to debunk this but as a person with a huge curiosity for the paranormal I have no reason to believe it was anything more than some sort of paranormal activity.
Unfortunately I cannot upload the video to show what I am talking about. The location of this is in the newer military housing area near FRC/AIMD. - Ghost picture submitted by Jeremey

Comment by John:
What are we supposed to be seeing? I see a back patio-type area.... No mist or apparition.

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