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I have had two experiences in Bladenboro, North Carolina. The first event took place when I was pregnant with my first child. My mother, my sister, and I had been to Roses shopping for baby clothes for my unborn son. On the way home (on Road 242) my sister kept saying that there was a woman sitting in the back seat of the car with her. I kept turning on the interior light, so she could see that no one was back there. There was a graveyard on the left hand side of the road (going from Whiteville to Bladenboro) with a fence around it (I cannot remember the name of it. ) However, as soon as we got in front of the graveyard a white mist floated across the hood of the car. It looked as if it was going from passenger side to driver side towards the graveyard. As soon as that happened my sister said ''never mind, she's gone now. '' Until this day, every time I go by that graveyard I get an uneasy feeling and goose bumps.

Second experience I had was while I was living in the Oak Grove Community. I lived in the trailer right beside Oak Grove Church. My children, grandchildren, and I had several experiences from photos. My grandson who was four at the time told us that a ''man'' was scaring him. He claimed there was a misty figure of a man standing next to my bed. At first whoever this being was would push on my son and daughter-in-law. He, however, never bothered me. My family members have said ''this being acted like he did not want anyone else around me. '' I never told anyone other than my family about what was going on, but when I had company they would say they got an odd feeling in my house and would not come back.

I was making plans on moving to Lumberton and never talked about it in the house. A couple of weeks before actually moving, my daughter-in-law was talking to me about the move when she came over to do some laundry. After I took her home, I came home and opened the cabinet to get a glass out and for no apparent reason, a glass just busted as soon as the cabinet door opened. A piece of glass got embedded just below my right eye. That was the first time this being ever acted violent towards me. I ended up moving back to this trailer but only experienced sounds of things being moved or dropped but nothing majorly bad. - Ghost picture submitted by Angi

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