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Grady Street Elizabeth City NC. I was asleep on the couch and about 2am in the morning I woke up to being choked. I felt something warm putting pressure on my throat. I tried to turn my head to yell for help. Took me a while but I was able to yell. At that moment I looked down at my body and the blanket I had on me was pulled off of me and fell off the end of the couch. As if it was saying look what I can do. I called my son frantic and he and my other son returned home. It was very scary. I had never had anything like that ever happen to me before. I began searching about other people on the internet that had the same thing happened. Old Hag theory... But then it got worse...

About six months later I start seeing a shadow figure out of the corner of my eye in the kitchen. My ex-husband's Uncle had died in that kitchen, but I didn't feel it was him. Whatever this was it was evil. It danced around trying to get my attention. It was very annoying cause Id turn and nothing would be there. I'd go in the kitchen and there would be nothing. I went to my preacher and he told me he had never encountered anything like that before and blessed two metal crosses for me and told me if I continued to see these things to let him know and he would get me contact for a Catholic priest.

My daughter says she still sees it but I avoid looking in there out of the corner of my eye. My son also said he too was woken up and paralyzed and thought he saw a little girl.

Not too long after that my Grandson was born. His Mother was taking pictures of him with her cell phone and in two pictures in the kitchen she captured a picture of a woman. It's clear as a bell and favors my ex-husbands deceased Mother. My son also caught the shadow person I was seeing on video using his cell phone. It is wearing a cap like monks wear. It was almost 7ft tall. I finally knew I wasn't crazy. No fun I will tell you that!. - Ghost picture submitted by Beverly

Comment by Justin:
The only way to tell that this is a evil spirit is if start having nightmares bad stinch of smell things moving around by themselves like for an example crosses turning upside down. Have you heard any knocks on the wall? If hear 3 knocks it means father son holy ghost.
This is insult to what the evil spirit will do.

Comment by Beverly:
Justin there are bad smells things move things touch you.. There are growls. If you know so much please share I'd love to hear it. There are no three knocks. More like heavy footsteps up and down steps.

Comment by Chris:
It kind of sounds demonic from the growls and stuff, and it sounds like you may have human spirits too, so you may have a couple of spirits within your home.

Comment by J:
I see both a woman and a young girl in your photo. I don't know if they are demonic as the growls you refer to... Spirits are vocal but not always with monologue.. Moans, cries, and screams mostly. I'm not ruling the demonic aspect out...
But the ghosts likely seek to be absolved. If you are a woman of the faith... Take that faith... But obtaining relics that have been blessed appear as you are borrowing confidence.

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