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In Falkland there is a house there called the Falkland Devil House. It's an old house on someone's soy bean property and hasn't been inhabited for years. And I mean years. A few friends of mine and I went to this house and every single window and door is boarded up, everyone left the house except for me and two other people.
The legend behind the house is a husband worshipped the devil and one night got possessed and killed his wife and two children. Then he went up into the attic and hanged himself. I don't know if its true but I ended up getting scratched that night.
I have not been back since. If you want a good thrill and something to scare you go into this house and try to spend the night. Ask the locals if they know what the house is. And don't forget to ask the owner for permission to enter. - Ghost picture submitted by Emily

Comment by anonymous:
Hey. I was wondering where in town is this house located. I lived in Falkland when I was little and lived in a house that was haunted and I myself remember getting scratched.

Comment by Joe:
My girlfriend and I went to this house last year. She was having her 19th birthday party. We had a nude s‚ance us 2 and her 9 girl friends in the front yard as a joke. Lights started flashing and bloody screams came from the house and we all ran naked as hell across the field.
I had to walk back up to the house to get our clothes as the keys to our cars were in the pockets of our jeans. I have never been so terrified.

Comment by Phyllis:
You do know that this stuff follows you and attaches itself to you and people you come in touch with. Any questions I'm on facebook Phyllis Roach.

Comment by Jay:
Where is this house located? How can I get the owner permissions? Email me baptistjay_1999 @yahoo. com.

Comment by Autumn:
Hey! I used to live in Falkland, and a few of my dad's coworkers allegedly went in that house, and I had always wanted to check it out for myself. Could you possibly email me the address at autumnsa0 @ gmail. com ? Thanks!.

Comment by Jeremy:
Where is this house located? Jeremyhanson0518 @ icloud. com.

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