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We have a lot of strange stuff happen in our house from moving objects to toys going off without batteries. My leg got slapped once. I caught this picture out back one night after the dogs wouldn't quit barking. We stay off Ozark near the old Fat Cats. - Ghost picture submitted by Jason

Comment by Jerry:
I would love to come check your place out. I'm new into paranormal investigating. Awesome stuff.

Comment by Wilma:
Gosh Jason! What a creepy picture. I first thought it resembled a dog's head. Then I saw a creepy looking figure crawling at the top of its head. Then I turned it sideways, and there was a face (two eyes, nose, and mouth) the only time I ever had battery operated toys going across the floor was when lightning hit a power line and blue streaks were coming out of our outlets. Activated the toys.

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The tree Kathleen was barb wired to is across the street from the cemetery. It is the only tree they didn't cut down. You can see it's completely hollow, and there are barb wire marks still around the bottom of the tree. We went out there a few times, and a smoke like mist shows up in my pictures and orbs. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Lisa:
Looks like a woman's figure.


Hello, I live in Gastonia. A couple of years ago in 2013, my former church, Fairview Baptist Church on Fairview Dr. , hosted a sleepover. Now, NORMALLY the little kids would have separate sleepovers from the youth, BUT, Brother Mike wanted to give it a shot. We played a bunch of rather lame stuff if I'm being honest, but it didn't bother me much because I was with my best-friend (and yes, we're still best-friends), Latoya. Eventually, me and Latoya got bored, so we wandered off to a room near somewhere in the hallway between the children's church room and the sanctuary. We were in there setting up a board game I'd brought, which by the way was Candy Land, when this girl came in. Now, I don't remember her name; she was a little black girl with kind of pig tail like hair. Then, another girl came, she was white, and I can't really think of her name either. Anyways, they asked me if they could use one of my flashlights, so they could see the people downstairs.

First, I'd like to mention that my ''flashlights'' were not good. I'd gotten from either CVS or the dollar store. They were little flashlights that showed figures, like you know, they had shapes on the lens and when you turned the light on you could project them. Yeah, those. Well, back to my story. When they said that, me and Latoya IMMEDIATELY dropped what we were holding, stared at each other with our mouths wide open for about 30 seconds, and tried to calm down and not freak out. People have been hearing stuff downstairs every single time we had a sleepover, and me and Latoya were two of those people. I automatically told them no and politely told them to get lost. They were just little kids, and I'll be danged if I let them go down there, get scared (which I know they would've), and not be able to sleep. Me and Latoya continued with our game, or at least we tried to, but soon after we starting hearing the noises. They were close, and I mean CLOSE. I told Latoya to stay put while I look and see if Brother Mike, Emily, or somebody was just trying to prank us, but she followed me anyways.

We walked down the hall towards the sanctuary, and there's little ramp like hallway that leads to three. One door lead to outside where the fellowship hall was, one led to the sanctuary, and the other led to choir area that was in the sanctuary. Well, don't ask me HOW it happened, Latoya and I got separated from each other. I ended up in the sanctuary, and I don't know WHERE she went. Anyways, there I was, all alone, in the almost pitch black sanctuary. I started hearing giggling. Now, I know what you're thinking. ''It was just Latoya trying to scare me. '' Well, no, it wasn't. Latoya has an extremely unique laugh. Seriously, she starts out really high pitched, then her pitch gets lower and lower as she laughs. Then when her pitch can't get any lower, it gets higher, and the whole process repeats until her laughter dies down and stops. THAT is how I KNEW it wasn't Latoya. I don't know to this day WHO it was, but it wasn't Latoya.

Anyways, I started freaking out, so I bolted for door that I came in from. I ran all the way back to the children's church room, and that's where I found Latoya watching, giving, and receiving makeovers. I decided to chill out and give Latoya a makeover. A lot of pictures were taken, and you can clearly see orbs EVERYWHERE! It's extremely disturbing. - Ghost picture submitted by Mallory

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