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Okay, so one day I was sitting with my friend one night and this was in Thomasville. She lives with her grandparents. Well anyway, we were just sitting in the basement after everyone went to sleep. And all of a sudden there were these noises like the house had a stomach and it was growling.
We both looked at each other like omg did you just hear that? And yes we did. Well that isn't even the scary part. We just shrugged that off like whatever. Then you will not even believe the next thing that happened! While we were breaking up the stuff there was a big crash! Bang! What was that? We were so scared we almost jumped out of our pants.
We ran upstairs to see if maybe someone got up from bed and was doing something but no one was there! Everyone in the house had disappeared. Wow... So we hopped in the car.. But it wouldn't start! Oh gosh we were like so freaking out by then. What the heck is up with this night? Then out of nowhere these blue and red orbs start floating around us chanting things like hoy-nyee-ho-ho.
Then I started thinking, well her grandpa's got a lot of Indian stuff in the basement. I wonder if maybe they belonged to a real Indian in real life and when they died they attached their spirit energy on the things. - Ghost picture submitted by Bertha

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