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I was once walking along the Canal Trail near the old dam or ''bulkhead'', as I was walking I kept getting the sense I was being watched. I turned to look and nothing was there in front, behind, or beside me.
Also I kept hearing footsteps behind me. Then these strange moans would occur every couple of minutes. As I was walking down to the water the small tunnel I guess you could call it on the left side was pitch black and there was one glowing light.
It was very bright outside though no light would interact with the tunnel. I continued walking to the other side... Very curious and aware of my surroundings I turned on my phone and recorded where I was walking.

I kept seeing these strange flashing of lights and whispered chants. I started to get really scared and ran home. The opening at the end of Franklin St. Is where I ran out, I heard these trampling footsteps running in the leaves beside me.
It wasn't an animal either the sounds were to heavy. That's when I really ran, I took of down the street to my friends house. She has a mic and sound editor to you know focus in on certain areas. We heard and in-human like grunt.
It was pretty creepy. We tested a lot of sounds that we could've heard down there, rocks dropping in water, leaves, fallen branches everything nothing matched up. We still haven't figured out what it was...

And I still go down there and feel these weird overwhelming powers working over me. It's scary...
approximately 2011. - Ghost picture submitted by Noah

Comment by Chris:
Do you still have the video?
approximately 2017.

Comment by Wolf:
I remember going there as a kid and hearing chains rattling. We always called it the Witches' Dam.
approximately 2018.

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