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After a long needed vacation we took our family, my husband and myself, our 2 sons, daughter in-law, daughter and 4 grandchildren and our Jack Russell dog to Salvo. We rented this wonderful house and were thoroughly enjoying the lovely view of the sound and of course the ocean. This was a much needed vacation and we were all so happy to be there. My husband and I took the top floor bedroom (4th floor). It had doors that receded into the wall and were stuck in the wall, so we couldn't close them. I called the maintenance dept. and they sent a man to fix it and he couldn't get it to move, he took a picture of it to report the problem to the maint. dept. We said it's ok, we didn't mind the door being open. The only other bedroom on the 4th floor was across from us and was occupied by my son and his wife. In the middle of the week around 3am my husband and myself and our pet were asleep in bed when a terrible noise awoke us. We both sat up in bed and our dog was not barking but screaming. There our door that no one could move was standing in the middle of the hall. We got up, worked to put it back, not on track but into the wall, wondering how in the world did this happen. We went back to sleep and again after falling asleep were awaken by heavy footsteps on the steps. They were slow but heavy, with a dragging sound and stopped at our bedroom. Again we both heard it, sat up and the dog again started ''screaming'' and the hair on the back of her neck stood straight up. This was visible because the one wall was all windows and no curtains and the room was lighten by the moon. We jumped out of bed and went to see who was there and no one was there. We ran downstairs and checked all the rooms and everyone was sound asleep. And no one else was there, but the deadbolt was unlocked. I thought it to be strange that my son and his wife, who was across from us would have heard what we did, but no they didn't. The next morning, after the grandchildren were playing out of earshot and said we needed to talk and told them what happened during the night. They couldn't believe what we said, but knew we wouldn't make this up. The next night, my daughter (age 43) who had a bedroom of her own, was awakened by hearing a tinkle noise. She saw her jewelry move across the nightstand and said she felt like someone watching her. The next night, my son, age 49, said he was in bed and the cloths chest's doors slowly opened on their own. Well nothing else happened and we put it all out of our mind, or so we said. When we came home we downloaded pictures and was shocked at what we saw. Here's the picture. Look at what's in the window. - Ghost picture submitted by Audrey

Comment by Chris:
Which window?.

Comment by Teresa:
Oh my!! I see it. It's on the first floor to the left middle window. Whew what a feeling I got. Not a good one for sure!.

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