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Me and a few friends of mine went up to this place called ''Buzzard Rock'', supposedly they use to hang slaves there and throw handicapped babies off the side of this mountain. (this is a very very steep mountain side) it is also called ''The Devil's Footprints'' because on a set of rock's there are 5 foot prints down in the rock that are clear footprints with claws at the end of the toe area.
Keep in mind they are inside the rock not carved but imprinted deep. Very unexplainable. Anyways we were up there because we were wanting to see something creepy and weird well that's just what we got…it started with weird noises coming from the woods around us and weird feelings.
Some felt something touch, grab, or brush up against them. As we continued to sit and wait we started seeing weird light off the mountain side. That was not the creepy thing. We were riding on the back of one friends truck and as we all got back on and sat down we saw what looked like 2 glowing red eyes about 4 foot behind the truck but it was so dark that's all we saw everyone was accounted for in the truck, and there was no other vehicle insight nor is there any houses for a good few miles.

It was around 3:00 am. As our friend pressed the gas to take off the truck seemed like it didn't want to go finally after fighting with it for a while as everyone on the back of the truck is freaking out it finally took off.
The red eyes following behind…as we got out of range of ''Buzzard Rock'' the eyes disappeared. When we got back to town my friend had claw marks on his bumper. Very very weird place to be daylight or night time!!!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Dani

Comment by colbyandaleenarice@yahoo.com:
The red eyes you saw belong to a big black boar.... Back around the year 1990 it chased me and my mom in her car for almost a mile, eyes glowing like fire in broad open daylight. Another explanation for glowing eyes could also be back in the 1800s an outlaw would take the eyes of the men he killed and wear them in a pouch around his neck.
One night the man had to cross Buzzard Rock and was found the next day dead on the rock. Buzzards had picked out his eyes and the pouch around his neck was gone. This is how buzzard rock got it's name.
I myself have spent a great deal of time there. To the right down the road is a trail. It leads to a fire pit where I myself found a half burned statue of Jesus. It is a common place in our area for Satan worship.

Also in the 80s a couple were shot and killed there. I myself have seen a glimpse of them in headlights late at night.

Comment by anonymous:
I think I can see a ghost of a man.

Comment by Kim:
That's not Weaverville. It's north Asheville overlooking Lynn Cove Road which is at the end of Beaverdam Road. My grandpa's family lived there since the mid 1800s. Redmond and I never heard a story about babies or slave hangings. The rest of the lore is correct.

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