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I live in an apartment community in Aiken, SC. I believe that our apartment is haunted by a ghost dog. I have heard soft growls and the clacking of nails on the kitchen floor - and these were times when our dog was near me sound asleep.
A few weeks ago after we got a new puppy (in addition to our older dog) I walked into the upstairs hall space without turning the lights on. I thought our puppy scampered past me into the corner of the hall space.
I didn't think anything of it until I went downstairs and saw that both dogs were curled up resting - whatever had moved past me upstairs was not either one of them.
I just took this today. I wanted to take a picture of our living room with my digital camera.
Sometimes I take random pictures for scrapbooks or photo albums. The first picture I took came out very dark which was unusual. I turned a light on. This time the room was not dark but an orb appeared.
I know that there is some debate about whether orbs mean anything. You can think what you want. I used an image program to put a green square over a picture frame that shows my husband and I. No editing or changes have been made to the orb.
approximately 2014. - Ghost picture submitted by Beth

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My daughter, two granddaughters and I have seen a lot of ghosts in Aiken, SC. And have witness a lot of them together. But haven't been able to prove it until now. We see them all time, I don't know why? Anyway my daughter was leaving a place on York St when she saw this woman across the street dressed in a southern belle dress walking though a crowd on the sidewalk in front of a movie store going out of business (not calling the name of the store not sure it safe to).
But no one was talking notice of her, then I notice that she wasn't walking but floating though the crowd. So my daughter said she sat in the middle of the road in her car watching her.. She said that the lady was very dirty and the dress was very old, torn, and rugged.
She said if the crowd had seen her she would have scared them by the way she looked. My granddaughter that was with her talked to the lady from the car. My granddaughter told the lady that she liked her dress, but she didn't say anything or respond.

So she spoke to the lady again and said hello, this time the lady looked and raise her hand very slowly and waved from side to side and then smiled at them and began to fade. But before she disappeared my granddaughter took this picture with her cell phone.
Before she faded she had long dark hair and looked Spanish, not sure of the race. This picture was taken in front of the fence next door to the store going out of business, it was exactly 6:30 in the evening..
approximately 2007. - Ghost picture submitted by J

Comment by anonymous:
Amazing capture!

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