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MONTROSE CEMETERY: I'm the founder and lead investigator for DSCP, my team has investigated this cemetery many times. For those of you who think ghost hunting can only be done at night you're wrong, at this place it doesn't matter. I will say though as the sun sets and becomes dark at Montrose it takes on a whole different feeling. Yes there are many stories about this place such as a man that killed women and children and dumped their bodies there, I'm still researching this place so I cannot confirm that this is true or not.

For those of you who are afraid of the dark don't come here when darkness falls, it gets pitch black. This place is very hard to find unless you're familiar with the area, you could drive right by it without even noticing it. If you visit during the day it's really a beautiful place, the only downside is it's a partying place for young people so there may be times at night there are young people drinking and being stupid there.

At night this becomes a paranormal playground for those of us that like to investigate the paranormal. When investigating this area you have to be very careful, there are many sunken graves without markers so you might have to watch where you step. My team has experienced things at this place that just cannot be explained. I will go over some of the things. But before I do I would like to tell you about the equipment we use K 2 METER TRI FIELD METER LASER GRIDS INFERED CAMERAS DIGTAL CAMERAS 35 MIL CAMERA DIGTAL VOICE RECORDERS VIDEO RECORDERS GHOST BOX ITC DEVICES.

Now keep in mind this place is a dance area, a lot of trees, wooded area not any kind of things that would give of any large amounts of EMF. Now to some of our experiences; we seem to have made some contact with a spirit named Joseph who is a small child that is buried there. There is a large marker stone as you enter the cemetery where the names of the dead are listed, this seems to be a hot spot for the k2 meter and EVPs, another area is on top of a little hill or mound of dirt.

Further in the woods we have interacted with k2 and voice recorder with this spirit. Remember to keep in mind that there is no way the k2 should be going off in this area but it does and it answers our questions. We have caught a lot of orbs, got some very interesting pics and some great eves here there are shadow people all over this place, and at times we have seen a lady in a white dress.

Now let me move on to the scariest experience in this place; myself and my partner decided to go to Montrose alone without our team one late cold night. As we entered the long dirt road leading to the entrance to the cemetery we were listening to music on the car radio, as we entered car radio shut off so we both looked at one another said this might be an interesting night. We had no idea what was about to happen to us. When we got out of car we sensed something was watching us, just an uneasy feeling, so we grabbed our k2 meter, digital recorder, flashlights, headed to what we call the little hill mound. We weren't there even 10 min and k2 started going off upon asking if the little boy spirit was there. It seemed like we had made contact with him.

Then all of a sudden we hear something growling in the woods. Our first thought was coyotes, they are up in that area so we tried to ignore it but then it got louder and something was moving through the woods. It was getting closer so we decided to head back to the large stone marker where the car was parked. As we were walking it was getting closer, we walked faster, then when we reached the stone marker it stopped. So we decided to regroup get our thoughts together. We decided to do some EVPs, try to make contact with whatever was there. So I turned on voice recorder, started to asked questions, maybe five min into it we hear something coming towards us.

We went to turn around, and by this time this thing had rushed us and in a matter of seconds we were both slammed into the large stone marker. We couldn't even move, then I yelled out to my partner my back feels like it's on fire. Right after I said that we were released and then it was very quiet. We both looked at one another and said what the hell just happened. Then I asked my friend to check my back, it was very sore. He looked at me said dude you have scratches on your back, so I told him to take some photos. As he was doing that I looked over and noticed that the voice recorder was still recording, so not only did we get pics of the scratches on my back we also caught everything that happen to us on audio. - Ghost picture submitted by John

Comment by Bridget:
Man that would have scared the daylights out of me! You should go back with the same friend and take a camcorder and see if it will happen again and get it on video.

Comment by Denise:
I have been there many times and actually performed rituals, not bad ones. The place to the back of the woods is the only place I could feel a presence.

Comment by Logan:
Seems like some of the spirits there do not like you bothering them. The radio shut off because spirits hate that. I should know because every time my grandfather entered the cemetery he would turn it off, saying to do it out of respect. Any kind of radio or EMP stuff, spirits do not like. They wanted you to leave first by the howling. Then they took it off by slamming you and the scratches. In a cemetery there are so many spirits, some friendly some not so friendly and some way worse that they are evil. They will do harm. You guys best not go again just the two of you or worse just one of you.

Comment by Jessica:
I have always been into ghost investigations. This place is very scary. I had so many very bad experiences there. It's crazy. I have an app that does EVPs, and I've gotten a child screaming and something evil. It wasn't something good. I would like for you to contact me, so that I can tell you more of my experiences that I've had. My grandma and grandpa had lived in Darlington, SC all their life, and he has told me stories about that place that crazy. I do know that there is a very bad man ghost there. He is about 7 feet, and he is pre evil. When you see him, he has a tall black top hat on. You can feel the pressure evil from this man. I would like to tell you some of the stories my grandfather told me.

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